Let's Catch Up With Some Mitch Trubisky Highlights and Other Bullets

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Let’s Catch Up With Some Mitch Trubisky Highlights and Other Bullets

Chicago Bears

The SIU Arena is no more. My alma mater’s basketball arena has been re-named Banterra Center, after a regional banking chain. This multi-million dollar deal that should help the school’s financial situation. It’s just a shame that our BN Bears Arena bid fell a few bucks short.

  • We’re still a few months away from meaningful football, which means we’re still months away from seeing highlights like this on the regular:

  • Further, that means we’re still months away from seeing explanations like this on the regular:

  • Mitch Trubisky has referred to himself as a rhythm passer in the past, and you can see why if you watch enough of his throws. So long as Trubisky is in a rhythm with his mechanics, things tend to go well for him in the pocket. Last year, Trubisky was at his best when he was clean with his footwork, which set off a domino effect where he would start feeling it, his confidence would build, throws become more crisp, and the offense moved. If Trubisky has full command of the offense now, things should fall into place for him moving forward.
  • Expectations are going to be high for Trubisky in 2019, especially in the fantasy football world:


  • When people think a lot of you, expectations are going to be high. And frankly, there is no escaping them once they reach elevated levels. But as I have explained before, expectations are a good thing. It means great things should be happening. Running away from great expectations is silly. Embrace opportunity and let it fly. Here’s hoping QB1 feels it and lets ’em rip from the pocket in 2019.
  • “Old Town Road” by Lil’ Nas X is going to be inescapable this summer, isn’t it?

  • One of Trubisky’s favorite targets found himself doing something neat in his hometown:

  • I’m still not over Anthony Miller catching seven touchdowns with one healthy arm. The Bears rolled the dice on trading their 2019 second-round pick in order to draft Miller in 2018. And while there were a ton of talented pass-catchers who were available in this most recent draft, there is something about Miller that fits these Bears like a glove. Combining Miller’s grit, determination, athleticism, and route-running precision makes him the model wide receiver in this offense. If the high expectations set in front of Trubisky are to be met in 2019, it probably means Miller will have had a break-out season of his own.
  • Someone CC: Tarik Cohen on this, please:

  • Ooh, I bet this will be fun to watch:

  • An ex-Bear has taken his talents to a different arena:

  • Over at the original BN, the Cubs had a homer party last night in our nation’s capital and everyone was invited:

Author: Luis Medina

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