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Forget Quarterbacking 202, Mitch Trubisky Wants Masters-Level Courses

Chicago Bears

Chicago Bears Head Coach Matt Nagy dropped this nugget last week when discussing the growth of quarterback Mitch Trubisky:

A week later, Trubisky told reporters that he is essentially ready to level up and move onto masters-level courses. And he seems to already know what it’s going to take to get there.

“It’s basically trying to know the offense as well as Coach Nagy does,” Trubisky explained. “Just being on the same page, mastering this offense, owning every single protection call, check, adjustment, changing plays, just everything within each play, owning it and knowing it like the back of your hand. Being able to teach it to everyone else on the offense, that’s a goal you reach to master something where you know it as well you can teach it to anybody.”

Trubisky’s evolution has been fascinating to follow. He has gone from learning how to handle a snap from under center, to running a rudimentary NFL offense, to executing in a modern professional offense in the span of three years. And at each step of his development, Trubisky has shown he can make adjustments and show improvements. It hasn’t been linear, but the growth has been real. But soon, things will change and Trubisky knows it.

At this time last year, Trubisky was learning and getting things thrown at him from any number of directions. Trubisky’s head coach, offensive coordinator, position coach, and the team’s backups all had their hands in giving him a crash course on an offense he had never operated within as a signal caller. A year later, it’s Trubisky acknowledging he is the one who needs to pass on what he has learned to others in order for the whole team to thrive in the offense. Talking about it is one thing, doing it is another. We’ll have to wait to see if Trubisky’s understanding of the offense is as complete as he wants it to be and if his teammates are getting it, too. And while the last thing anyone wants these days is to wait on something, our patience could be rewarded in a big way when football season kicks off.

Trubisky touched on a variety of topics during his press conference, which you can watch below:

Author: Luis Medina

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