Brad Childress Is Joining Forces With Matt Nagy Because He's a Lifelong Bears Fan

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Brad Childress Is Joining Forces With Matt Nagy Because He’s a Lifelong Bears Fan

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Brad Childress is joining the Chicago Bears carrying a pretty nifty title: Senior Offensive Assistant on Matt Nagy’s staff. And while I’m going to spare the obvious dad jokes, it’s worth pointing out that Childress’ résumé is as decorated as they come for an offensive assistant.

Childress has 10+ years of experience as a coach at the NFL level, having spent significant time as a head coach and offensive coordinator. And even in the twilight years of his time as an assistant, he wore a variety of different hats while aiding Andy Reid in Kansas City. Because in addition to being an ex-NFL head coach and offensive coordinator, Childress was an Assistant Head Coach and Spread Game Analyst for the Chiefs. But how did he end up with the Bears? And why now?

It’s pretty interesting: “I told Matt the first time I came, No. 1, it’s Matt. I love Matt as a person. Probably wouldn’t do it with anybody else besides Matt,” Childress told The Athletic’s Kevin Fishbain. “And No. 2, I’m a lifelong Chicago Bears fan.”

BOOM! The prodigal son returns!

Childress grew up in nearby Aurora, where his mom, dad, and in-laws still take up residence. Sure, working with Nagy again and getting involved with the reigning NFC North champs has its perks. But returning “home” where you can be close with family also has a certain amount of sentimental appeal.

Childress gets to live out a life-long dream coaching for the team he grew up rooting for, and that’s freaking neat! As for what he’ll be doing with the Bears, Albert Breer (’s The MMQB) clues us in on what the Senior Offensive Assistant’s tasks will be. Breer hears Childress will be busy in the film room, breaking down opponents, and self-scouting the Bears offense. Additionally, Childress will work with Nagy and Offensive Coordinator Mark Helfrich in scheming up some new play designs.

Not only does this seem like an ideal gig for Childress, these concepts aren’t brand new to Nagy and the Bears. Last year, Nagy mentioned how he had someone on staff self-scouting the Bears’ play-calls in an attempt to ensure the team wasn’t growing predictable with its scheme. As for getting in front of a whiteboard and drawing up some new ideas, that’s precisely what Nagy craves. Last year, Nagy explained how Kansas City generated fresh ideas with Reid making the process an inclusive one by inviting all of his coaches to discuss ideas, designs, and more. So while the head coach and offensive coordinator often get credited the most, we should remember that it’s a group effort. And that’s a good thing!

Childress has been a positive influence on Nagy’s coaching career, leading him to this point with the Bears. Last year, Childress aided Nagy in getting the basics down during the initial installation of the offense. Now, Childress gets to be a part of the second phase. And if things go well, there is a chance Childress gets to live out a childhood dream of celebrating a Super Bowl title with the Bears next February.

Author: Luis Medina

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