Matt Nagy Explains The Origins of His "BE YOU" Mantra to Delaware Grads and It Is Inspiring

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Matt Nagy Explains The Origins of His “BE YOU” Mantra to Delaware Grads and It Is Inspiring

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The words “BE YOU” are printed boldly on Matt Nagy’s play card as a reminder to be true to yourself. It’s also a message that has been passed down from the Chicago Bears head coach to his players, encouraging a locker room full of different personalities who play different roles in various phases of the game. And now, it’s a message that can be applied to college graduates.

Take a listen:

Can’t get enough Nagy? I can’t blame you. Check out the entire 24-minute speech below:

That was great, but listening to Nagy re-tell the story of the Chiefs’ playoff collapse against the Titans was painful. But Nagy being able to turn a momentary lapse into a teachable moment and building block that would lead him to where he is today is nothing short of impressive. And to think, he has his oldest son to thank for being inspirational.

So what is “BE YOU” all about?

“Let your personality show. Live freely. Don’t worry about what others thing. Trust your instincts,” Nagy told the University of Delaware’s graduates on Saturday. “It’s believing in yourself more than any other human being in this world. That’s what being you is.”

And what does it mean for the Bears in 2019?

“Trust your gut, take calculated risks, be different, stay humble, learn names, and most importantly, have fun.”

If you’re not ready to run through a wall to achieve your goals now, then I don’t know what to say. I mean, other than “Be You,” of course.

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Author: Luis Medina

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