The Leaked Bears Throwbacks Look Sweet, But Whose Jersey Are You Buying? And Other Bullets

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The Leaked Bears Throwbacks Look Sweet, But Whose Jersey Are You Buying? And Other Bullets

Chicago Bears

The weather held off long enough to give us a dry window for the Ludacris concert outside of Wrigley Field last night. It was a good show, but one I wish was a tad-bit longer. After all, there’s no such thing as too much Luda.

  • The Bears are releasing an alternate throwback as part of their centennial celebration, which might look something like this:

  • OK, that looks fresh. I’m a big  fan of the bold block numbering and suppose I could embrace the stripes on the shoulder-pad level. I guess the only question left to answer is which jersey number to pick up.
  • That’s actually a fun question to throw around the room. Whose Bears jersey is the next one up on your shopping list? Mack? Mitchell? Eddie Jackson? Tarik Cohen? Someone else?
  • With #Bears100 coming up this week, I expect to read more stories like this one on the franchise’s all-time leading receiver:

  • Johnny Morris played for the Bears from 1958-1967. And while he has long been retired, he is still the team’s all-time leading receiver — which speaks to his greatness, but also to the ineptitude the Bears have had at wide receiver (and quarterback) over the years. Morris was a first-team All-Pro in 1964 when he led the league with 93 catches, 1,200 receiving yards, and 10 touchdowns. That’s a pretty epic season considering they only played 14 games that season, and that the starting quarterback for most of that year (Billy Wade) threw more interceptions (14) than touchdowns (13).
  • Moving back into present day, Bleacher Report’s Matt Miller checks in with some NFL talent evaluators in search of favorites to win the NFL’s Rookie of the Year award. Pinning down a favorite in early June feel’s like a fool’s errand, but there is nothing wrong with trying to get a feel for who could be in the running before everyone else. Bears third-round rookie David Montgomery gets an honorable mention from Miller, who notes that he could come away with the award if he gets a high volume of touches and makes the most of them by putting up big numbers. It won’t be easy because he’ll be splitting time with Tarik Cohen and Mike Davis, but Montgomery has fresh legs and a résumé that hints at big things being on the horizon.
  • Two of the favorites in this race are 2019 Bears opponents, so it’s possible Chicago could impact who wins the thing. Washington quarterback Dwayne Haskins will be out to prove every team that passed on him was wrong to do so, and his game against the Bears is in prime time. Oakland running back Josh Jacobs is the other favorite who Chicago squares up against. Jacobs’ opportunity against the Bears will come in London in the Khalil Mack revenge game. Good luck with that.
  • So fresh and so clean:

  • We’re inching closer to legalized sports betting in Illinois:

  • I’m impressed that the state has moved to this point in the process because I’m so used to something tripping things up along the way. That’s still a possibility, but getting to where we are now feels like progress.
  • Interview time for Champ Kelly is coming soon:

  • Yeah, well, Mitchell looked cooler doing it:

Author: Luis Medina

Luis Medina is a Writer at Bleacher Nation, and you can find him on Twitter at@lcm1986.