"Unstoppable" Cordarrelle Patterson Will Be the "Trojan" in Matt Nagy's Offense

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“Unstoppable” Cordarrelle Patterson Will Be the “Trojan” in Matt Nagy’s Offense

Chicago Bears

Because I’m a self-admitted football dork, comfortable in his own geekdom, I’ve no problem talking openly about how I was nerd-ing out this time last year when Bears Head Coach Matt Nagy was introducing new terminology for team’s new offense. Do you remember that?

Last year, Nagy introduced a “U” and a “Zebra” into our football lexicon. And now, he’s adding something extra:

I’m sure there are all sorts of puns I could work in with Patterson as the Trojan, but us bloggers are in our own offseason training program. Hopefully, I’ll round into form during training camp and get on my A-game by Week 1.

But no matter how Nagy deploys the Trojan, Patterson is going to be up for the task: “I don’t like being labeled,” Patterson told reporters at Halas Hall. “People try to say I’m a receiver, a running back, a kickoff returner. I can do anything on the field if I put my mind to it. I feel like when I get out there, I’m unstoppable. I’m not saying I can’t be stopped, but I feel like I can do anything on the field. Whatever Nagy needs me to do, I can do it.”

Putting aside the ability to have enough confidence to say you’re unstoppable and be humble enough to say that you’re not saying you can’t be stopped, I’m looking forward to what Patterson brings to the table because, at a minimum, his versatility is a real asset. When Patterson is on the field, there isn’t much he can’t do. And because of that, defenses have to be aware of where he is and where he can go. Nagy showed a ton of imagination throughout the regular season last year, but he could be just scratching the surface of his play-calling potential.

Patterson discussed his many roles in the Bears offense, the “no-brainer” decision to come to Chicago once he learned Nagy was interested, and more while talking to the assembled media at Halas Hall. You can watch his press conference in the video embedded below:

Author: Luis Medina

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