Club Dub Goes to Rosemont, Hester Cranks That, Sayers' Emotional Return, and Other Bullets

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Club Dub Goes to Rosemont, Hester Cranks That, Sayers’ Emotional Return, and Other Bullets

Chicago Bears

An early set of Bullets for your consumption as yours truly prepares for Day 2 of the Bears100 Celebration. See ya there!

  • Opening Ceremonies at Bears100 ended with what I hope is the first of many trips to Club Dub in 2019:

  • Simply hearing the first few notes of “Swag Surfin'” took me back to some happy times from 2018. Even though I’d prefer not to talk about how that season ended, the worst-to-first turnaround will always hold a special place in the hearts of Bears fans. To go from NFC North bottom-feeder to knocking Minnesota off its perch and pulling off a long-awaited win against Green Bay just felt so good. Every season is sacred. And while that one didn’t end with the Bears lifting the Lombardi Trophy, it was still a heck of a ride.
  • I cannot tell a lie: The arrival of the Bears’ kicking competition wasn’t at the top of my list of favorite things from Friday:

  • It was a bit awkward, to be completely honest. Being the first players to be introduced after the Bears’ Hall of Famers was always going to be awkward. But for that group to be the special teamers — headlined by two long-snappers and three kickers — just added to it. Ideally, one of these kickers makes headlines for the right reasons and gets invited back as part of a Super Bowl champion when the franchise celebrates its 150th anniversary. Gotta speak greatness into existence. Positive vibes only.
  • In case you’re wondering where Brian Urlacher was last night, I’m bummed to inform you he is going to miss the festivities:

  • Devin Hester’s introduction was live:

  • Another emotional moment came when the Payton family was introduced and in attendance on Walter Payton’s behalf. I feel as if the Greatest of All Time would have relished the opportunity to catch up with old teammates and mingle with some of the new guys.
  • Hate it or love it, Bears fans keep it 💯:

  • In Bears-adjacent news, the Jets have reportedly found their next general manager:

  • NFL Network insider Ian Rapoport tweets the team and Eagles Vice President of Player Personnel Joe Douglas have come together on an agreement that makes the ex-Bears staffer the new GM of New York’s AFC gridiron bunch. Bears Assistant Director of Player Personnel Champ Kelly was in the running, too, but he was at Bears100. And now, we’ll wait and see if Douglas poaches his former co-worker by handing him a promotion in New York.
  • It was a fun time with the crew yesterday…

  • …as well as my favorite quarterbacks!


Author: Luis Medina

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