Follow Khalil Mack Behind The Scenes During His First Ever Wrigley Field Experience (VIDEO)

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Follow Khalil Mack Behind The Scenes During His First Ever Wrigley Field Experience (VIDEO)

Chicago Bears

Khalil Mack is no stranger to extra attention.

On the field, opposing offenses send extra blockers in the form of double- and triple-teams in an attempt to slow down the All-Pro pass-rusher. And off the field, Mack has reciporcated the love Bears fans shown him since arriving in Chicago. But the folks at Cubs Productions took a different angle, following Mack during his first ever trip to Wrigley Field last week.

Take a look:

This episode of Mic’d Up follows Mack through the Cubs’ clubhouse, through the dugout, and onto the field as he prepares to warm up for his first pitch. Mack plays catch (with no baseball mitt because he’s that darn tough), meets with former Cubs All-Star Kerry Wood, and mingles with others as time ticks down to first-pitch time. And while Mack is athletic specimen, there might have been some nerves following a fan favorite and former all-star. But after watching Wood throw something less than a 98-mph fastball, he was ready to go.

Sure, Mack didn’t throw a strike. But I dare you to tell him that.

Mack has been a breath of fresh air since the Bears traded for him in September 2018. Not only has his presence changed the team’s direction, but his personality has shined through at every turn. Mack isn’t just a standout performer, but he is a star whose presence is easy to gravitate to no matter where he happens to be. So while it would be neat to tweak his throwing mechanics and unleash some strike-throwing potential, Mack has some bigger fish to fry on the gridiron. Training camp is coming, and unlike last year when he missed out on the action, Mack will be the main attraction.

Author: Luis Medina

Luis Medina is a Writer at Bleacher Nation, and you can find him on Twitter at@lcm1986.