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The One Thing Tarik Cohen Can’t Do (And Other Bullets)

Chicago Bears

Perhaps one day I’ll find myself fully invested in the NHL. But as it stands, I picked a good year to put it on the back-burner.

  • Let’s start the party with an important kicking update:

  • Yet another reminder that kicking isn’t as easy as it might appear to be on TV.
  • I’m honestly a bit disappointed to learn that Tarik Cohen can’t kick because they guy does everything else. I mean, we’re talking about a player who has thrown, run, and caught touchdowns on offense, while also tacking on kick and punt return touchdowns during his first two seasons. Cohen’s do-it-all abilities have made him a fan favorite in his brief time with the team. But if it turned out Cohen could successfully kick field goals he would become an instant legend. I guess it just wasn’t meant to be.
  • You can listen to Head Coach Matt Nagy’s full press conference here. The Cohen-kicking stuff is at the end. And when you give it a listen, could you tell me if I’m the only one who thinks Nagy sounds a little more peeved than usual upon learning about Cohen’s kick? It’s possible that Nagy was doing a bit, but I can see where a coach could be annoyed. Remember, Nagy was quite ticked at a kicker doing back-flips after successful makes during rookie minicamp. So it’s not like it’s out of the question here. In any case, I don’t think we’re going to see Cohen lining up and getting the “Augusta Silence” treatment any time soon.
  • Perhaps Nagy has his eyes on another running back getting his kicks in. Rookie David Montgomery claims to have kicked a 50-yarder in high school, writes’s Kalyn Kahler in a piece that details the Bears’ continuing kicking drama. Unfortunately, Montgomery has yet to dig up evidence or footage to back up his claims. But I’m almost at a point where if non-kickers on the roster want to give it a shot, then let them give it their all. After all, this is a no stone left un-turned search … right?
  • It’s not that serious:

  • Save for kicking field goals, Leonard Floyd did a little bit of everything when he was at Georgia. And yet, we haven’t seen Floyd put it all together for the Bears. SB Nation’s Vijay Vemu highlights Floyd as one of the six players from the 2016 NFL Draft who have the most to prove this coming season. Floyd is among those who are under the most pressure, especially since he was a top-10 pick who hasn’t consistently produced like one. Injuries are part of the reason Floyd has yet to reach his potential. Despite Floyd’s short-comings, the Bears were still enamored enough with the flashes to pick up his fifth-year option. For what it’s worth, Floyd really picked up steam in the second half of last year when he was fully healthy after recovering from a hand injury that had him in a cast for a chunk of the year. If Floyd can avoid the injury bug and put together another 16-game season, it would go a long way toward proving he was worth a top-10 pick.
  • This is a wonderful development:

  • Louder for the folks in the back, Mitchell:

  • Monsters making each other better:

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  • Standing out for the right reasons:

  • There is no denying the 1985 Bears were great…

  • … but the craziest stat they put up is that this group won just one Super Bowl.
  • Ugh, of course they were:

  • A familiar face continues to hang around Halas Hall:

  • Happy Birthday to a Bears lineman who is back with the team after a pitstop in Miami:

  • Robbie Gould still hasn’t showed up to 49ers camp, but Patrick Finley of the Sun-Times shares Gould has sold his Chicago home. In the past, Gould has expressed an interest in moving back to the Chicagoland area when his playing days are over. I guess for that to happen, he’ll have to do so in a new house.
  • 🤔🤔🤔:

  • Javy hit one over them mountains:

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