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Re-visiting a Great Defensive Performance, Mack Throwback, RB Love, and Other Bullets

Chicago Bears

My neighborhood grocery store started carrying these “limited edition” Mickey Mouse ice cream bars, and I did not hesitate to make that purchase when the nostalgia rushed through me. So yes, I had a Mickey Mouse ice cream bar as a late breakfast today. And no, I do not have regrets about it. Happy summertime!

  • Hopefully the weather holds up for Bears safety Eddie Jackson, who is hosting a charity softball game in Schaumburg. The forecast calls for rain, but I’m hoping the clouds part for long enough to get a few innings in because it’s for a good cause. But also, I’d love to see some highlights of Khalil Mack and Akiem Hicks hitting dingers.
  • Mack certainly has arm talent, but probably could use some quality one-on-one time with a pitching coach to properly harness his stuff.
  • Some love for Bears backs:

  • In yesterday’s Bullets, we highlighted a quote from Head Coach Matt Nagy that hints at how rookie running back David Montgomery apparently subscribes to the “speak softly, but carry a big stick” mantra. And it sent me down a YouTube rabbit hole of highlights. Enjoy:

  • It’s tough to judge running backs during drills like these, but Montgomery is making positive impressions early. That’s certainly good news. And it’s most definitely better than the alternative of Montgomery being slow to pick things up during this time. The Bears need their running backs to click early in order to put the offense in a position to thrive. Montgomery being able to hit the ground running would be a welcome sight.
  • Elsewhere down the rabbit hole, I watched this video on how the Bears defense punked Jared Goff in what was one of the greatest defensive clinics I’ve ever seen live:

  • It’s still pretty amazing that the Bears’ defenders worked over a potent Rams offense despite the loss of slot cornerback Bryce Callahan. I’ll chalk it up as a testament to pressure generated by the front lines, as well as Sherrick McManis’ ability to come through in a pinch. McManis is one of those unheralded guys who makes his biggest impact on special teams, so it’s easy for him to get overlooked. But when McManis took over as the Bears’ top option as slot corner, he held his own. He’ll resume that reserve role in 2019, but it’s reassuring to know he is available in a pinch.
  • The only way to stop Khalil Mack is to hold him. And there are times where that isn’t enough:
(Photo by Jonathan Daniel/Getty Images)
  • This was a fun find:

  • I would feel bad about the guys who have to practice against Mack, but I’m of the belief that practicing against the best makes you better:

  • Are you keeping up with the Tribune’s top-100 players list? Wide receiver Brandon Marshall checks in at No. 86, and that feels right to me. Surely, Marshall *COULD* have been higher on the list had he stayed in Chicago long enough. But as was the case at each of Marshall’s other stops in his career, his time with the Bears was short. Marshall is arguably the franchise’s best receiver in modern times, but it’s tough to put him any higher than he already is on the particular list.
  • Love to see it:

  • I feel this on so many levels:

  • This is going to take a while to get used to:

  • Our thoughts and prayers are with the family and friends of Broncos owner Pat Bowlen, who passed away on Friday. Here is a statement from Bears Chairman George McCaskey:

  • It’s not football-related, but this is one of the better championship headlines I’ve seen:

  • (I’m still putting an asterisk on the basketball season. Don’t @ me.)
  • There’s a future in which the Warriors re-sign Klay Thompson and Kevin Durant to max contracts, allow them to rest up and heal properly, and win multiple titles down the road. But that’s just one future. Over at BN Bulls, Eli looks at how two key injuries could change the landscape of the NBA’s offseason:

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