Mike Ditka's Advice for Matt Nagy Is Ridiculously (But Perfectly) Simple

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Mike Ditka’s Advice for Matt Nagy Is Ridiculously (But Perfectly) Simple

Chicago Bears

Mike Ditka’s coaching résumé is pretty legit. He won 168 games, posting a .631 winning percentage in Chicago, made seven postseason appearances, and was Da Coach when the Bears won their only Super Bowl title. Should they have won more under his watch? Definitely. But that’s a discussion for a different post.

What is relevant to today’s conversation is that Ditka hooked up with Matt Nagy and allowed the current Bears’ head coach to pick his brain during the Bears100 Celebration in Rosemont. Nagy revealed part of the conversation, in which Ditka offered up some revolutionary advice.

“He was chewing his gum and he said, ‘There are really good football players and then there are not so good players,” Nagy said, via the Bears’ official website. “Get rid of the not so good players.”

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BOOM! What. A. Concept. 🤯

I’m hesitant to hear old coaches and players dish out advice when they are as far removed from the modern game as Ditka is, but there is truth in the simplicity of Ditka’s statement. And frankly, sometimes we (myself included) can get far too caught up in small details to the point where we can forget that this game we love can be real simple if we keep ourselves from over-thinking. Besides, a little bit of knowledge from the old school never hurt anyone. Good on Coach Ditka to pass along that helpful tidbit to Coach Nagy!

Here’s hoping the advice is applicable and Nagy can do something no Bears coach has done since Ditka — and that’s win a Super Bowl.

Author: Luis Medina

Luis Medina is a Writer at Bleacher Nation, and you can find him on Twitter at@lcm1986.