Football's Best Fans, Mitch the Fighter, Pagano's Defense, and Other Bullets

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Football’s Best Fans, Mitch the Fighter, Pagano’s Defense, and Other Bullets

Chicago Bears

The line is out the door of my favorite ice cream joint every time I want to hit it up. I’d be more annoyed than I am, but it’s a sure sign that summer is here to stay.

  • You probably didn’t need me to tell you, but the Chicago Bears have some of the best fans in football. Emory University School of Business professor Mike Lewis cooked up a statistical formula with an eye on figuring out which NFL team had the best fans. And to the surprise of no one, Bears fans were among the best. Bears backers ranked fourth best overall in Lewis’ “fan equity” category, which calculates how much fans show their support with spending dollars. And while the “road equity” (how a team draws on the road) and social equity (a metric calculating the team’s social media reach) ranked just outside the top-10, Bears fans still ranked among the top half of the league. Clearly, we have some work to do in those two categories, so let’s get back at it at training camp and get ourselves ready for a big regular season.
  • If there was one thing I didn’t like about the Bears’ schedule was the lack of a marquee road games. The scheduled Sunday Night Football appearance in Los Angeles Rams should be interesting. Otherwise, all of the Bears’ premier matchups are at home. And while that’s not problematic, I would have enjoyed making a trip to Kansas City, New Orleans, or even Dallas. Nobody is trying to go to Philly for anything. Sorry I’m not sorry.

  • It’s wild to think about how many times Mitch Trubisky could have mentally checked out. The guy was the best football player in a hotbed state like Ohio and didn’t get much of a sniff from the in-state Buckeyes. Trubisky went to North Carolina and didn’t start until he was a junior, but never made a stink about it and didn’t transfer in an era of college football where guy will ask out at the drop of a hat. There were boos on draft night and at a Bulls game. He even had to start his career behind Mike Glennon and Mark Sanchez. And yet, here is Mitch Trubisky — a second overall pick who is about to enter his third year as a starter. Trubisky has so much at his fingertips and nothing to hold him back but himself. I, for one, can’t wait to see how he embraces this opportunity.
  • More Mitch? Sure, why not:

  • There are so many quarterbacks who have better odds to win the NFL’s MVP than Mitch Trubisky, who the Westgate has as a 200/1 long-shot. But you know who else was a long-shot at this time last year? Patrick Mahomes. That’s who. And while I wouldn’t bet the house on Trubisky winning the MVP, there is an incredible value in long-shot quarterbacks. A small investment could lead to a large reward. Just saying.
  • I’m still not shying away from Khalil Mack at 100/1. A defensive MVP is due to break through one of these days, so why not the best pass-rusher on the league’s best defense?
  • Undrafted rookie tight end Dax Raymond is ready for the challenge:

  • In the latest installment of the Bears’ “Meet The Rookies” series, Raymond shared that he has piano skills. No, seriously:

  • You know what you need to play the piano? Good hands. And do you know where good hands can be valuable? While playing the tight end position. There is a place on the tight end depth chart for Raymond if he can corral his talents and put them on display when he suits up. He might be the under-the-radar rookie to keep tabs on this summer.
  • The Bears defense ranked first in points allowed, takeaways, rushing yards per game, rushing touchdowns, and big plays. No wonder Chuck Pagano feels like he’s playing with house money as he sets forth on his first season as Chicago’s defensive coordinator:

  • I can’t get enough of the love the Bears “D” is getting, even with a new DC on board.

  • This is well-stated:

  • Hopefully free agency treats our friends at BN Bulls as well as it did us here at BN Bears the last few years:

Author: Luis Medina

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