Counting Down to Bourbonnais, London, and Everywhere in Between (And Other Bullets)

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Counting Down to Bourbonnais, London, and Everywhere in Between (And Other Bullets)

Chicago Bears

“Woman seen licking ice cream in viral video faces up to 20 years in jail, police say” is a headline in a story I didn’t expect to read at any time ever. Doing things that go viral can bring quite a rush, but don’t cross a line that could put you in jail.

  • SOON:

  • There are 62 days until the Bears open up their centennial season against the Packers, but there are other important dates on our mind that come before we get to cross that particular bridge. We have to wait 21 days until training camp starts (tack on another day for the team’s first public practice), 34 days until Chicago’s first preseason game against Carolina, 50 days until the penultimate preseason game against the Colts, and 57 days until roster cut-down day. All that was a roundabout way of saying we still have so much to look forward to this summer, but let’s have a little bit of patience. Football is coming.
  • Another number I have my eyes on is 93 — which happens to be the number of days between now and when the Bears play the Raiders in London.
  • ESPN’s UK branch shared an expanded look at Tottenham Stadium, the sparkling new facility that will play host to the Jon Gruden-Khalil Mack grudge match:

  • Akiem Hicks loves it:

  • There probably isn’t a road trip that will be as highly anticipated as the Bears’ trip to London. But I’ve been spending some time figuring out logistics for a trip to Los Angeles for Bears-Rams because I feel as if I’d appreciate some California love in November. Just 135 days until that game goes down, so there’s no rush to lock anything in right now.
  • Here’s hoping David Montgomery’s tackle-breaking ability translates well overseas. Bears Running Backs Coach Charles London recently raved about the rookie running back’s elusiveness while talking to Adam Jahns of The Athletic. “It’s important from the running back position because every play is not going to be clean and every hole is not going to be clean,” London explained. “Sometimes you just got to create your own. He did that quite a bit of that at Iowa State. That was something that we noticed. And that is something you rally can’t coach. You either kind of got it or you don’t and he does.”
  • It’s worth remembering the Bears had an apparent philosophical shift in their type of running back, which is literally hard for defenders to grasp.
  • I’ll be curious to see how (if?) this changes with Chuck Pagano making the calls on defense:

  • If Joe Maddon doesn’t take some time out of his baseball schedule to teach that spin move to some of the Bears’ aspiring pass-rushers, I’ll be disappointed:

  • Just wait until Maddon learns a counter move. Joe West will be completely helpless and Clint Hurdle will be getting all that smoke.
  • Frankly, I was waiting for the Cubs manager to use Joe West as a projectile because he looked that mad. If he needs tips, I’m sure Mack could make himself available to teach him this move:

  • Love seeing the Bears’ rookie class reach out and play games with patients at local children’s hospitals:

  • Akiem Hicks is having a ball:

  • Julius Peppers was a monster:

  • So while Peppers will mostly be remembered for his time with the Panthers, his career with the Bears helped transform a defense, giving it an edge most others didn’t have. Unfortunately, those teams didn’t reach the heights we thought they would.
  • The BN Blogathon is underway, so let’s make some wishes come true:

Author: Luis Medina

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