My Coach Can Throw It Harder Than Your Coach and Other Bullets

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My Coach Can Throw It Harder Than Your Coach and Other Bullets

Chicago Bears

Just when I thought I had a good thing going, my bedroom needs another re-design because I don’t think it’s getting the necessary air circulation to keep me cool and comfortable at night in the summer. Maybe knocking out some Bullets will make me feel better about having to cross that bridge later today..

  • My coach throws harder than your coach … and probably your quarterback, too:

  • Since the 1990’s Cowboys made the concept of star triplets a thing in football, every team has tried to go out there and replicate it. Of course, having an ace quarterback, workhorse running back, and catch-it-all receiver is easier said than done. Ali Bhanpuri ( ranks the 32 sets of triplets in the NFL, and the Bears have some work to do. Chicago’s triplets rank 23rd, though Bhanpuri believes the ranking doesn’t match the talent level. Because while Mitch Trubisky and David Montgomery aren’t superstars, both have untapped upside. And if Allen Robinson can channel his 2015 season in Jacksonville, we’ll look back at a 23rd ranking and laugh.
  • Sure, 23rd isn’t pretty. But it’s not dead last. There are years in which Bhanpuri could have done this exercise and put Chicago at No. 32 and not have to worry about eating crow at the end of the year. That he even put the caveat that there was upside to be had is a sign that football’s thinkers know the Bears’ offense could be something special.
  • STOP. Where is Tarik Cohen on the triplets list?

  • Say what you want about Trubisky, but you can’t deny this or take it away from him:

  • This is a neat comparison of up-and-coming young quarterbacks:

  • Thinking of how well Trubisky played down the stretch reminds me of another reason why I was miffed about the shortened postseason stay. Trubisky appeared to have turned a corner with his decision-making and production. Because while he wasn’t putting up bonkers numbers, he was making winning plays in the guts of the game. That he was able to do those things in the fourth quarter of his first ever playoff game is enough to have me dreaming about special things that could be coming in the pipeline.
  • The NFC North quarterback club is brimming with talent:

  • I would have swapped out the (🤮) for the (🤑), but that’s just me:

  • Watch Walter run:

  • I’ll admit to having my biases, but July birthdays are the best. Enjoy yours, No. 65:

  • The ESPYs always brings a story to light that gets you right in the feels. This year was no different. Rob Mendez is an inspiration:

  • Oh, really? That would be neat:

  • LOL:

  • Every championship-caliber team needs a calming veteran presence:

  • There are deals to be had out there for Bears fans shopping for gear:

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