Triplets Talk, Tarik's Big Ups, Mitch Leads the Go Play Movement, and Other Bullets

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Triplets Talk, Tarik’s Big Ups, Mitch Leads the Go Play Movement, and Other Bullets

Chicago Bears

Were you ever given the backhanded compliment of “you can’t steal first base” by a Little League baseball coach when you were growing up? I wasn’t, because I was not fleet of foot. But if you were, then tell your coach he can shove it because you can now steal first base in the Atlantic League. Check it out!

  • In an earlier set of Bullets, we discussed triplets (the concept of having three star players on the offensive side of the ball made popular by the 1990’s Cowboys and often replicated (but never quite duplicated)) in the years that have since passed. But prior to reading this Bucky Brooks’ post, I had never tried to think of it as something that could be applicable to the defensive side of the ball. Brooks ranks the Bears’ trio — Khalil Mack, Akiem Hicks, and Eddie Jackson — as a third best grouping in football. I’m not sure which was more difficult for Brooks, putting two teams ahead of the Bears or figuring out which three defenders make up the best set of triplets.
  • Mack was an easy choice, as was Jackson. But picking between Hicks (a monster at the line of scrimmage) and Kyle Fuller (an All-Pro cornerback at the peak of his powers0 couldn’t have been easy. That we’re having the conversation in the first place is a testament to how great last year’s defense was and how good this year’s unit could be. And to think, there is a possibility that we’ll be asking ourselves where linebacker Roquan Smith fits in the triplets mix at this time next year.
  • Tarik Cohen has big ups:

  • I’ll be a dollar to a donut that Tarik Cohen jumps over a defender in 2019. (Offer not valid in Chicago, the continental United States, anywhere on this planet, any planet, this universe, or any universe.)
  • Grrrrr! I still hate that the Bears lost this game:

  • The Bears started slowly, made adjustments, bounced back, put up a bunch of points, and re-captured the lead in a difficult road environment.  In previous years, Chicago would have folded after facing an early deficit. But the 2018 Bears were different. Unfortunately, they did not have enough juice to cross the finish line with a win. If only Cody Parkey could have made a field goal in a stadium in which he went 9-for-9 the year prior as a member of the Dolphins. Sigh. What could have been was never meant to be, I guess.
  • In happier Bears moments on South Beach:

  • If the Bears could have won this game, I would have voted a bajillion time for Devin Hester’s game-opening kickoff return touchdown as the greatest moment in franchise history. An all-time great moment, to be sure, but the greatest? Well, you can be the judge here.
  • Everybody play:

  • Those look like fun. Just be safe, #10:

  • Da Coach and I have extremely different tastes in music:

  • For more Mike Ditka thoughts, Madeline Kenney (Sun-Times) catches up with the Bears legend in a quality Sunday read.
  • Losing stinks, and it doesn’t look like the folks north of the border are handling it all that well:

  • The best of the best:

  • Your opportunities to do something neat at Soldier Field are running out:

  • I maintain that Javier Baez’s athleticism could translate from the diamond to the gridiron with ease:

  • The Bulls missed the Summer League playoffs, which means we’ll have to wait until the preseason to see Daniel Gafford throw down dunks again:

Author: Luis Medina

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