Devin Hester's Son is Already Wrecking His Opponents Ankles and Other Bullets

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Devin Hester’s Son is Already Wrecking His Opponents Ankles and Other Bullets

Chicago Bears

Over at the original Bleacher Nation, Michael tells the story of how he walked into the Cubs post-game studio at NBC Sports Chicago to inform the crew about the Mike Montgomery-Martin Maldonado trade — while they were filming live. Fun times! Go check it out.

  • Like father, like son:

  • Dray Hester, the son of legendary Bears return specialist Devin Hester, is already shredding opponents. I mean, my goodness. Those are high-end cutbacks against children who could only dream about slowing down, let alone stopping, young Hester in the open field. Dray Hester is just beginning to test his powers. Just wait until he gets full command of his skills. Giggity.
  • Is Dray Hester draft-eligible yet? I’m asking for a friend.
  • The 2018 Bears season was chock-full of memorable moments. And while Khalil Mack doing Khalil Mack things makes up a vast majority of my favorite highlights from last year, there is a special place in my heart for the arrival of #SleeveGameMitch.
  • Trubisky put a sleeve on his throwing arm to protect a cut that was troubling him earlier in the week. And while I’m not sure that the sleeve gave him magical powers, you can’t necessarily prove that it didn’t. Trubisky torched the Tampa Bay Buccaneers en route to his best game as a Bear. So much so, even PFF had to take notice:

  • Mitch Trubisky’s stats after putting on the sleeve were dope as heck: 101.0 passer rating, 65.8% completion rate, 22 touchdowns (6.7 TD%), 9 interceptions (2.7 INT%). Extrapolate the numbers from those 11 games and apply them over a full 16-game slate, and we’re looking at 3,828 passing yards, 32 touchdowns, and 13 interceptions. I’m taking a major leap here, but I’d sign up for those numbers right now if I could.
  • If Trubisky can put up those types of stats, maybe he’ll get some love from the folks who do the Madden ratings. Or they would diss him again and come up with some lame excuses on why his ratings are still in the 70s.
  • I’m not saying Trubisky should have a rating in the 90s, but I thought he would get a better rating from the video-game folks. And maybe he’ll be better in game-play than the ratings suggest. Trubisky has an 88 for throwing power, but if you combine that with the running threat that comes from a quarterback with 84 speed, 87 acceleration, 87 agility, and 88 ball carrier vision, the Trubisky becomes a dual-purpose threat who is tough to stop. Anyone who spent way-too-much-time in their college dormitory playing Madden knows that quarterbacks who can leave the pocket and gain chunks of yards on the ground are impossible to stop. Trubisky might not get much love from the Madden community now, but that could change when he plays.
  • Cam Ellis (NBC Sports Chicago) has some takeaways from the Madden ratings release.
  • Leonard Floyd’s Madden ratings are going to be on the rise:

  • Is it normal to want to buy a wall off a building property that isn’t yours? If so, I’d like to purchase this wall:

  • Barry Sanders, who is celebrating a birthday today, was my favorite non-Bears player growing up. Who’s yours?

  • Speaking of throwbacks:


  • Our teammate Eli made his first appearance on CLTV’s Sports Feed last night. You can read his work at BN Bulls and check out his appearance with Josh Frydman below:

  • For readers who are high school football fans who happen to live downstate in Central Illinois, some good news for you:

  • Locally:


Author: Luis Medina

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