Even NFL Experts Are Dunking On Madden's Ridiculously Low Rating for Mitch Trubisky

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Even NFL Experts Are Dunking On Madden’s Ridiculously Low Rating for Mitch Trubisky

Chicago Bears

Mitch Trubisky’s surprisingly low rating in Madden NFL ’20 was added ammunition and a gotcha!” moment for critics and skeptics who will go to undetermined lengths to make grand proclamations that the Bears’ quarterback is no good at football (dorks).

It’s a ridiculous hill to die on, but it’s one on which some are choosing to take up residency – even after Trubisky made an impressive second-year leap as he went from Dowell Loggains’ offense to the one run by Head Coach Matt Nagy and Offensive Coordinator Mark Helfrich.

But if Madden’s rating of Trubisky has you leaning away from the Bears’ third-year quarterback, Pro Football Talk’s Mike Florio is here to reel you in.

“The folks at Madden don’t believe in Trubisky, slapping him with a 75 rating. He’s clearly much better than that,” Florio writes, highlighting Trubisky’s potential to take his play to the next level as one of his most important storylines of 2019. “He completed 66.6 percent of his passes, he threw 24 touchdown passes against 12 interceptions, and he averaged 7.4 yards per attempt. He added 421 rushing yards, averaging 6.2 per run.”

Things like Madden ratings and praise (or lack thereof) from national pundits probably don’t mean much to Trubisky now. And if they do, they won’t once he activates “Zero Dark 10” and steps away from social media.

In the video embedded below, Florio expands on the idea of Trubisky being overlooked despite his production last season. He goes on to underscore Trubisky’s play against the Vikings in primetime to justify his belief in the Bears’ QB1 being better than some are giving him credit for right now. Remember, Minnesota was the defending NFC North champions, and Chicago knocked them off twice. And while Trubisky wasn’t stellar in either game, his playmaking ability was more than enough to push the Bears past the Vikings in front of a nationally televised audience. Those wins probably should have elevated Trubisky’s national status, but didn’t.

Last year, the Bears played their way into earning respect en route to winning 12 games and the division title. And yet, they still find themselves back at square one needing to do it again. But if Trubisky can rally the troops and get them putting up big numbers in the win column and little numbers on the losing side of the ledger, his profile will grow.

You can watch the rest of Florio talking about the Bears below:

Author: Luis Medina

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