Nagy's Camp Changes, Two-Sport Heavy Hitters, Amos Chooses Correct GOAT, and Other Bullets

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Nagy’s Camp Changes, Two-Sport Heavy Hitters, Amos Chooses Correct GOAT, and Other Bullets

Chicago Bears

Good morning to everyone, with the exception of the Chicago Cubs, whose late-inning non-heroics are leading me to make a motion to ban west coast baseball.

  • Ahhhh, yes! Here are some guys who can hit the heck out of the ball:

  • What’s your ideal Bears hardball lineup look like? I’ll go with Tarik Cohen (2B), Allen Robinson (SS), Khalil Mack (1B), Mitch Trubisky (3B), Akiem Hicks (DH), Eddie Jackson (CF), Kyle Fuller (RF), Eddie Goldman (C), Taylor Gabriel (LF), Kyle Long (SP), and Chase Daniel (RP). Does Matt Nagy know how to manage a bullpen? Asking for a friend, because we already know he can pitch in a pinch.
  • This last offseason has been different than what we had grown accustomed to with the Bears. And frankly, it’s refreshing. There is no drama regarding the head coach’s long-term future. No questions about what the team will do at quarterback. Contract holdouts aren’t looming over Bourbonnais like a dark cloud. This has been an offseason of praise an adulation for the Bears. It’s been neat. Chicago’s football team has established itself as a contender and others are taking notice. The Bears have certainly earned this, but shouldn’t rest on their laurels. The 2018 season should be just the beginning of something special.
  • There is no shortage of offseason assessments to read about the Bears heading into training camp, but the one by Frank Schwab (Yahoo! Sports) is as real as they come. Specifically, Schwab’s insight on the Bears’ quarterback situation is refreshingly fair: “But mostly, Trubisky was fine in his second season. He added value as a runner, which has always been part of his overall package as a player. He could be more accurate and definitely needs to be more consistent, but if you believe that quarterbacks entering their third season should still be awarded a little bit of patience, Trubisky is on a positive path.”
  • A quarterback evaluation preaching patience? Is that even legal!?
  • Larry Mayer of the Bears’ official website notes there will be subtle changes to the team’s training camp schedule. It’s commendable that Nagy is willing to tweak some things in training camp, even though everything went as well as it could last summer. I suppose this is one way to fight complacency. Perhaps this is one of those times. Nagy’s explanation to why there will be changes from a schedule he was familiar with after taking feedback from coaches and players sounds like it holds water. Some small scheduling tweaks ultimately are aimed to help everyone get more rest. That shouldn’t come as a surprise, as there has been an emphasis on getting players as healthy and well-rested as possible.
  • 80-grade trolling here:

  • I’d want to throw away from coverage if Kyle Fuller and Eddie Jackson were lurking, too. But that doesn’t explain throwaways against the Lions.
  • Speaking of Eddie Jackson, here is a reminder that was #good last year:

  • The Bears celebrated Roy Robertson-Harris’ birthday with some pizzazz:

  • Robertson-Harris was one of our favorite players last year as he broke out and set new career-highs in games played (16), sacks (3), tackles-for-loss (3), total tackles (22), and quarterback hits (11). What follows a breakout performance could put his profile on another level in 2019.
  • Someone forward this highlight clip to Matt Nagy, Mark Helfrich, and Tarik Cohen:

  • You can take the Bear out of Chicago, but you can’t take the Chicago out of the Bears.
  • Good to see:

  • Here we go again:

  • Have you checked out the Bears shirts from our friends at Obvious Shirts? If not, you should. And what better time than when the site is celebrating with a special sale:

Author: Luis Medina

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