The Bears Remaining (Kicker) Problems Are Real, But They're Hardly Alone Among Contenders

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The Bears Remaining (Kicker) Problems Are Real, But They’re Hardly Alone Among Contenders

Chicago Bears

Every NFL team has a trouble spot. Of course, some issues are bigger than others. But what if I told you the Chicago Bears’ problematic kicking situation isn’t the most vexing mess in the league?

OK, I can see that look you’re giving me … and I get it. Fine.

But what if Around the NFL writer Chris Wesseling wrote it? If that changes the equation for you, then you’ll want to check out Wesseling dishing on the NFL’s thinnest position groups heading into this season. And while the Bears’ unsettling kicker concerns make the list, there are six other thorny position spots before Wesseling dives into what troubles Chicago’s football fans.

The Giants defense, Bengals offensive line, Patriots receivers, Raiders front seven, Packers running backs, and Ravens pass rushers are all mentioned before the Bears kicker is mentioned. To be clear, I’m not pointing this out to minimize the Bears’ issues. HOWEVER, I do want to highlight how other teams — including squads who are (or are projected to be) contenders — have bigger holes to fill that might be more complicated than Chicago’s kicking woes. Imagine featuring a leaky defense, spotty offensive line in front of Mitch Trubisky, no standout talent at receiver, the front seven featuring more questions than answers, a lackluster pass-rush, or a running backs room without a certified playmaker. Yeah, I’d rather not.

For Bears fans, there is no need to imagine it because we have seen what it looks like — and it ain’t pretty. In fact, Chicago had each of these problems during its rebuild. Over time, GM Ryan Pace properly patched them up, building a contender in the process. So based on that history, maybe we should have some faith that Pace and the front office can get it right at the kicker position. If they can, then we won’t see the Bears on a list of thinnest position groups for a while.

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Author: Luis Medina

Luis Medina is a Writer at Bleacher Nation, and you can find him on Twitter at@lcm1986.