There Is No Wasting Time on Khalil Mack's Watch ... He Wants To Win Now

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There Is No Wasting Time on Khalil Mack’s Watch … He Wants To Win Now

Chicago Bears

The ink on the six-year extension worth $141 million Khalil Mack signed with the Bears last summer isn’t even a year old yet, but the star pass-rusher is already speaking with an unrivaled sense of urgency.

“You’re running out of time, man,” Mack told reporters while discussing the sense of urgency surrounding the Bears’ competitive window. “I keep referring back to C-Wood and Justin Tuck, all these older dudes because they kinda let us know at an early point in my career that we ain’t got no time to waste … we’re old, we’re trying to win. You’ve gotta win. You’ve gotta win now.”

Mack heeding the words of wisdom from veteran stars (and former teammates) such as Charles Woodson (a.k.a. C-Wood) and Justin Tuck is eye-opening. At age 28, Mack could very well have a lengthy career ahead of him. But even then, it’s possible Mack already realizes that the best opportunity to win a Super Bowl could be right now. Mack is at the peak of his powers, playing on an elite defense that is loaded with All-Pros, Pro Bowlers, and potential future stars, and with an offense that on the rise behind a brilliant head coach and a quarterback with upside. This current window represents a golden opportunity for the Bears, and it sounds like Mack wants to make sure his teammates realize it as much as he does. That’s good, veteran leadership.

Mack discussed a variety of topics during his visit with the media, and you can watch the embedded video below to catch it all. But his perspective on this Super Bowl window was refreshingly honest and captivating. Mack has played two postseason games in his career and his team has come up on the short end both times. That would give anyone a newfound sense of urgency, even an all-time great who still has a ways to go before the end of his contract in Chicago.

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