These Training Camp Highlights Bring the Hype and Other Bullets

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These Training Camp Highlights Bring the Hype and Other Bullets

Chicago Bears

At this time next week, we’ll be rolling out our first thoughts following the Bears’ first preseason game. But be kind, y’all — it’s preseason for us, too.


  • Khalil Mack doing Khalil Mack things. Marvin Hall snagging deep-balls. David Montgomery stopping on dimes. Allen Robinson showing off the best hands on the team. Mitch Trubisky throwing bullets. Deon Bush doing the Mike Brown thing with the tip-drill interception. It feels good to cram my eyeballs with football highlights. More, please!
  • Did you notice running back Mike Davis plowing his way through some highlights? The Bears are really trying to make it known that they believe they scooped up a steal in Davis early in free agency. But even after securing a lucrative contract, Davis is still out to make an impression. “I don’t look at my contract as, you know, ‘Oh I made it,'” Davis explained, via the Bears’ official website. “That’s just temporary. I’m never satisfied. I don’t think anyone is satisfied when it comes to how much money they’re getting; they always want more.”
  • Head Coach Matt Nagy doesn’t see dollar signs when he sees No. 25 on the field. Instead, he sees value. “He can do a lot of different things,” Nagy said. “He can protect. He has great vision in between the tackles yet you can put him out wide, and he can do some things.”
  • I have a feeling we’ll be writing our fair share of posts highlighting the versatility of Chicago’s running backs.
  • Progress can be a slow process, but the Bears have nothing but time:

  • Elsewhere on offense, it looks like some clarity is coming to the Bears’ tight ends room:

  • One thing I’m looking forward to seeing is who steps up in Adam Shaheen’s absence. To be clear, I’m not necessarily looking for someone to snatch what should be Shaheen’s starting gig. HOWEVER, I expect someone to walk through the door of opportunity Shaheen’s absence has opened. Whether it is an undrafted free agent rookie like Bunting or a converted offensive lineman such as Sowell. So long as there are snaps to be snagged by reserves behind Shaheen on the depth chart, this is a unique shot for someone to make an impression.
  • JJ Stankevitz (NBC Sports Chicago) writes about the Bears hoping a sense of calm and quiet returns to the kicking game. I’m in the same boat, but also find myself highly entertained by fans who are getting into it. Would I rather have a reliable kicker holding it down right now? Absolutely. But nothing scratches that preseason itch like an old-fashioned position battle (even if it is between kickers).

  • Only Roquan:


  • Vic Fangio is already winner. Not only did the Broncos beat the Falcons 14-10 in his head-coaching debut at the Hall of Fame Game, he did so despite being hospitalized earlier with a kidney stone that had not passed. You can take the tough guy out of Chicago, but you can’t take the Chicago tough out of a guy. Congrats, Coach Fangio. Here’s hoping that is the first of many, but just know you’ll need to take that “L” in Week 2 of the regular season.
  • While winning the game isn’t an indicator of what is going to happen this year, but it’s worth noting that the last two winners have made the playoffs. And last year, both teams that participated in the Hall of Fame Game made the postseason. Ahhhh, nothing like kicking off Bullets with some useless trivia.
  • This looks like fun:

  • Very cool:

  • That’s pretty neat:

Author: Luis Medina

Luis Medina is a Writer at Bleacher Nation, and you can find him on Twitter at@lcm1986.