Fun With David Montgomery's Debut, Which Had Matt Nagy and Matt Forte GUSHING

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Fun With David Montgomery’s Debut, Which Had Matt Nagy and Matt Forte GUSHING

Chicago Bears

I can watch David Montgomery’s touchdown run all day and from any and all sorts of angles.

I mean, come on:

Montgomery picked up 46 scrimmage yards on six touches, but none captured the imagination of Bears fans more than his 7-yard touchdown run that put the Bears on the scoreboard. The jump-cut. The juke. The glide into the end zone. It was everything he displayed at Iowa State, but at Soldier Field. And yes, I understand that wasn’t the Panthers’ tip-top defense. That does not take away anything from what Montgomery did with his feet, hips, and eyes on that play.

I want more of what I saw, but know I shouldn’t. Instead, I’m willing to patiently wait until September 5th to unleash the Bears’ new backfield beast.

Just hook this to my veins:

Even if you take Head Coach Matt Nagy’s words at face value, the arrow is clearly pointing up for Montgomery. Essentially, Nagy is hinting at Montgomery being an option in the red zone and near the goal line. That’s fun for your fantasy team, but also for the team you root for on Sundays. Because in addition to being a shifty rusher, Montgomery’s legs just keep moving. The footwork and leg strength Montgomery possesses allows him to power through would-be tacklers and gain extra yardage. It might not be much to the naked eye, but it all adds up to Montgomery being an asset when it is time to score.

This tweet had me like 👀 👀 👀:

And if anyone would know about the value of vision and how it can create great playmakers out of the backfield, it would be that guy. Matt Forte was a modern running back who was well ahead of his time. Forte did not possess blazing speed, but his vision, agility, and ability to gain chunks of yards after cutting and stopping on a dime helped make him a stud running back. If Montgomery can follow in Forte’s footsteps, the Bears’ offense is going to be better for it.

For the record, Montgomery’s night was not perfect:

Montgomery wasn’t perfect, but who is?

Pass protection is probably the biggest hurdle Montgomery has to clear before becoming a true all-purpose, three-down back. And while Montgomery had his issues getting leverage early in pass-blocking drills at training camp, but he showed steady and incremental progress. If Montgomery continues on that path, his blocking will not be a concern.

Oh boy:

I don’t have anything to add here. Matt Nagy is straight up GUSHING over his new running back. Makes you think we will not see as much of him in the preseason games on the horizon in order to keep him healthy and fresh for the regular-season lid-lifter against the Packers.

Let’s close with Montgomery and some self-reflection:


Montgomery allows his game to do the talking. But the guy feels no pressure, plays with a purpose, and thinks the game with an edge. And how can you not love the attitude?

Sure, we saw just a 13-play snapshot of what Montgomery can do out of the backfield. But it is easy to feel good about what played out on Thursday at Soldier Field.

(Photo by Nuccio DiNuzzo/Getty Images)

Author: Luis Medina

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