Great Expectations Await Mitch, Monty, and Many Others, and Other Bullets

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Great Expectations Await Mitch, Monty, and Many Others, and Other Bullets

Chicago Bears

To those of you seeing John Mayer at United Center tonight (Michael: *Raises hand*), I don’t want to hear about how great he is, because I want to be in awe when I see him on Thursday.

  • This was an awesome time and some of the best Bears talk you’ll get around town. Cozy up to your preferred listening devices and spend some time with Greg, Joey, and yours truly:

  • Among the many things we discussed were my expectations for Mitch Trubisky. I’ll admit that I’m more optimistic than the vast majority of loud-talkers when it comes to the Bears’ starting quarterback, but we’re talking about the first quarterback taken in his draft class, so expectations *SHOULD* be high. And as Joe Maddon likes to point out, good things can happen when expectations are high. So let’s not run away from it. Embrace the madness, friends.
  • As for what I think Trubisky can do this season, it isn’t out of the realm of possibilities that he throws for 4,000+ yards and connects on 30 touchdown passes. That might seem bonkers, but 12 quarterbacks threw for at least 4,000 yards last season — and seven of those guys threw for 30 touchdowns. And not that I want to put this on Trubisky, but I suppose it’s fair to point out that Trubisky’s draft classmates (Patrick Mahomes and Deshaun Watson) each have 4,000-yard passing seasons under their belts. I think Trubisky is next.
  • Are those lofty mile-markers to hit? They sure are. But they’re not too far off. Back in May, ESPN’s Mike Clay put Trubisky down for 3,819 yards and 25 touchdowns. A few more yards here, a couple of touchdowns there, and Trubisky can get to the 4,000-yard and 30-touchdown milestones. But let’s take it back a year, when Clay projected a 3,954-yard passing season from Trubisky. So maybe I’m not asking for too much.
  • I thought Greg made a great counter to my prediction when he noted that Trubisky could be working on short fields throughout the season because of the Bears’ bodacious defense. Dominating the field-position battle could suppress Trubisky’s throwing volume and yardage, but the Bears should be in a position to score a bunch of touchdowns because of this.
  • *evil laughs*

  • Part of me wanted to dive deeper into why I liked David Montgomery, but I need to keep some of those thoughts on the down low until after fantasy football draft season. “Clinton-Dix Lewinsky” doesn’t need spies swiping his guys before he can get them. Instead, you can read from ESPN’s Mike Triplett how Montgomery is one of those talented rookie backs who is in a crowded backfield time-share that is going to limit his fantasy upside.
  • Enjoy this run, but keep your eyes peeled for the blocking:

  • Another guy I have great expectations for this season is rookie cornerback Duke Shelley, and this snippet is one reason why:

  • Elsewhere on defense, second-year defensive end Bilal Nichols has so much playmaking potential. Leave it to Jay Rodgers, Nichols’ position coach, to explain what’s behind Nichols’ improvement: “It’s calmer to him now. He sees things faster. His feet are moving faster. His hands are stronger. He’s got that look in his eyes like, ‘I’ve been here before.’ He’s going to continue to develop. Football’s important to him, and he’s just going to continue to get better.”
  • That is great news for the Bears … not so much for opposing offensive linemen.
  • A brief reminder that the things you write/tweet can and will be used against you by a fan base that keeps its receipts:

  • Honestly, I’m cool with doubt being cast on the Bears at this stage of the summer. Last year’s team thrived off bulletin-board material and they’re still hungry. Frankly, it reminds me of some of the stuff I read about the 2015 Cubs being some sort of one-off fluke after winning (checks notes) 97 games in a division where the two teams that finished ahead of them won 100 and 98 games, respectively.
  • A one-of-a-kind blood drive on August 21 at Chicago’s Union Station will enter donors into a contest to win a pair of tickets to the Bears-Packers opener on September 5. More importantly, blood donation could help save lives.
  • Stay on target:

  • An old friend finds a new home:

  • Whoopsidoodle:

  • Now, someone needs to “accidentally” share Commissioner Goodell’s number so we can … ummm … tell him about how wonderful of a job he is doing. Yep, that’s the ticket!

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