Matt Nagy Hates the Preseason *THIIIIIIIIIS* Much (And Other Bullets)

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Matt Nagy Hates the Preseason *THIIIIIIIIIS* Much (And Other Bullets)

Chicago Bears

We’ve reached the point of the baseball season where we’re saying: “If the Cubs don’t win X road series, they’re not going to win one again for the rest of the year.” Thankfully, Bears season is just 21 days away.

  • Matt Nagy is leading the revolution against preseason football. The latest move on his crusade was an evening scrimmage under the lights at Halas Hall that featured a unique simulation that included a DJ who played music breaks, the air-raid (Bear-raid?) siren, and “Bear Down, Chicago Bears” after scores. Nagy and the Bears ran 60 scripted plays from all sorts of situations and scenarios. They worked on goal-line, red-zone, short-yardage, fumbles, interceptions, the works. Nagy’s reasoning behind the scripted scrimmage: “You’re not guaranteed that in a preseason game, so we were able to do that.”
  • In essence, Nagy attempted to script a game scenario without putting his players at too much risk of an injury. It’s a bold angle to take, but one that could pay off in the long run (just as last year’s move to sit his starters for the final two preseason games).
  • That Nagy would rather do this instead of play a preseason game really goes a long way toward showing how much he dislikes preseason football. Frankly, I dig it. ¡Viva la revoluciôn!
  • You can check out Nagy’s explanation here:

  • Watching Nagy talk about it gives me the sense that this is something he has wanted to do for quite awhile and is excited to do so because he is running his own ship. I also come away feeling that Nagy could be onto something and might blaze a path others who feel similarly about the preseason will follow.
  • Well, at least Cody Whitehair doesn’t have to deal with snapping:

  • Give him a club and let’s move on.
  • This might be the most encouraging thing to come from last night’s scrimmage:

  • If Buster Skrine can take over and perform admirably as Bryce Callahan’s replacement as a slot corner, then the Bears defense will hit another gear. I will not enter the year expecting Skrine to be as good or better than a guy who proved to be one of the best in the game at his position, but the expectation should be for him to hold his own by minimizing mistakes and limiting big plays. Skrine plays a physical style of nickel corner, which should play within the 5-yard contact zone. It’s just what could happen outside of that is what worries me. In any case, it’s good to read Skrine had a standout performance on Thursday.
  • You love to see it:

  • This is a mood:

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  • Why didn’t anyone think of this before?

  • It didn’t take long for an old friend to find a new home:

  • An INTeresting development from Niners camp:

  • Welcome to the big leagues, rookie:

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