Mitch Trubisky Is So Obsessed With Greatness, He Won't Vacation Anywhere He Can't Throw

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Mitch Trubisky Is So Obsessed With Greatness, He Won’t Vacation Anywhere He Can’t Throw

Chicago Bears

It’s one thing to talk about being great, but it’s something totally different to actually put in the work.

In a profile piece written by Nick Greene in Chicago Magazine, we learn that Chicago Bears quarterback Mitch Trubisky not only talks the talk (when it comes to obsessing over being great), but also walks the walk in the offseason:

“This off-season (Trubisky) studied game tape to better understand the ways opponents defended him, like the Patriots forcing him to make plays to his left. And he threw passes almost daily, including on vacation in Florida, where he found a field to work out on while there with the family of his girlfriend, Hillary Gallagher, a Florida State marketing student. ‘If there’s no place to throw, I’m not going.'”

Obsession is something that has often been weaved throughout the narrative fabric of Bears Head Coach Matt Nagy’s time in Chicago. Now we’re talking about his quarterback following suit, which makes sense because that’s what good leaders do — they inspire their top lieutenant to follow in their footsteps and lead the way. Nagy is obsessed, which has led Trubisky to be the same way. That’s how good head coach-quarterback tandems work these days.

Think about it. Since Nagy’s arrival, we have talked about his attention to detail being borderline obsessive as part of his obsessively obsessing about always being fired up. That Nagy’s obsessive ways appear to have rubbed off on his quarterback is a sign that GM Ryan Pace has hit a home run with his head-coach hire. In March 2018, Trubisky first talked about an obsession to be great. By January 2019, Trubisky was taking Nagy’s “Be Obsessed” mantra to another level. And last July, Nagy offered up how “truly obsessed Trubisky has become while working in the offseason.

Trubisky’s obsession with growing into a great quarterback is just one snippet of a wide-ranging profile in Chicago Magazine. Trubisky weighs in on his motivations, being a foodie, why he scrubs his social media before the season begins, his closed-off nature in interviews, his favorite play (which happens to be my favorite play of the 2018 season), and even how he felt after the “double-doink” that ended his team’s season. There is also some interesting stuff about Trubisky’s self-diagnosed OCD nature. I mean, he admits to folding his own dirty laundry. Hey, whatever works!

Give Nick Greene’s piece in Chicago Magazine a read and get to better know QB1 ahead of the 2019 season.

Author: Luis Medina

Luis Medina is a Writer at Bleacher Nation, and you can find him on Twitter at@lcm1986.