Long Apologizes, Carli Kicks, Duck the Underdog, and Other Bullets

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Long Apologizes, Carli Kicks, Duck the Underdog, and Other Bullets

Chicago Bears

The “Outside the Ivy” curse ended on Tuesday. That nine-game losing streak felt like it lasted a lifetime. There were postgame embraces and even a champagne celebration. It was a moment for the ages. Now, let’s start a winning streak!

  • Alright, Bears. I think I’ve found the solution for your kicking problem:


  • U.S. Women’s National Soccer Team star Carli Lloyd was a star at Eagles practice on Tuesday, showing off her monster leg with kicker Jake Elliott by booting a 55-yard try. And if you watch the video closely enough, Lloyd nails it through the narrow goal-posts in between the regulation size posts. Elliott probably doesn’t have anything to worry about because he has been nails for Philly since they snagged him as a free agent. But all things considered … the Bears should be on the phone with Lloyd right now.
  • Hey, now! GM Ryan Pace said no stone left unturned … right?
  • There are Eddy Piñeiro’s number of days until the Bears kick off their centennial season against the Packers.
  • Kyle Long missed practice time and was kept off the team flight as part of the disciplinary process for his actions last week in a fight with a rookie defensive lineman. On Tuesday, Long offered up a sincere apology:

  • It’s good to see players take responsibility for their actions, own up to their mistakes, express their regret publicly, and offer up an apology. Honesty and sincerity with one’s self is the first step to good things. Now, we can all move on with our lives.
  • Getting Long on a good path before the season is important because he is one of the key cogs in the Bears’ offense. Long is a menacing offensive lineman who run-blocks with the best of them, is willing to protect his quarterback on (and off) the field, and has a fiery competitive spirit. He is also a veteran spokesman who has the pulse of the locker room and owns the unique perspective of being in Chicago for the worst times that spanned the Trestman and Fox regimes and the good times that came last year. If Long is healthy, he is one of football’s best guards. Keep him on the field and focused, then watch the Bears offense take off.
  • On a happier vibe, I’m digging the buzz surrounding undrafted free agent rookie Clinton Duck. Nathan Smith (ChicagoBears.com) writes about Duck as the underdog of the summer. The Appalachian State product caught our eye during training camp because he showed a knack for being around the ball, then he did big things in last week’s preseason game against the Giants. And even though Akiem Hicks isn’t the one making the call if Duck is on the roster, but impressing a stud defensive lineman can’t hurt his chances of making the team. “I said this is when you see what your defense is about,” Hicks said, speaking about Duck’s interception. “When their backs are against the wall, one-yard to get in the end zone. Who is going to make the play? And duck went and made a play. He’s made plays like that all training camp.”
  • Here’s how I know the Bears are in a better spot now than they were at any time during the John Fox era: We talk about underdog stories featuring players who could best round out the roster and grow into roles as they gain experience without having to do heavy lifting in high-pressure situations. But before that, we would be hoping these guys would come on board, make the team, and make an immediate impact. They don’t have to do that because of the guys in front of them on the depth chart. The Bears can bring some of these younger guys on and develop them at their own pace, grooming them for big plays later down the line. As far as I’m concerned, Chicago is in a great spot to develop guys who might have been overlooked elsewhere. And that’s how you build a championship-caliber roster from top to bottom.
  • Some fantasy love featuring another Bears rookie who stood out at training camp:


  • And from a quarterbacking perspective, Mitch Trubisky is in a tier of fantasy quarterbacks who “could rock your fantasy world” but come without a high draft day cost. This is where I would express my excitement, but I’m trying to lower expectations so he doesn’t go over-drafted in leagues in which I am a participant.
  • The oral history of Devin Hester’s legendary kick return is must-read material:

  • It’s baaaaaaack:

  • An old friend finds a new hone:

  • Our friends at Obvious Shirts have football stuff, too:

  • Wait … is Jim Boylen cool now?

Author: Luis Medina

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