Mack vs. Rodgers, Kicking Carnival Is No Sham, Weird New Helmets, and Other Bullets

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Mack vs. Rodgers, Kicking Carnival Is No Sham, Weird New Helmets, and Other Bullets

Chicago Bears

Few things make me feel as good as when I book a trip to see one of my favorite teams play on the road.

Part of it is the anticipation to get away and see something different, but some of it has to do with the relief that comes with the end of the booking process. I feel like I got a steal on airfare and hotel thanks to apps, so now all I have to do is relax and count down the days until I see Bears-Rams on November 17 in Los Angeles (Michael: I am so very jealous).

  • Has the Bears’ kicking carnival been ridiculous? Sure. Is it a sham? Absolutely not. I simply can’t shake what I read from SI’s Kalyn Kahler (or wrote) about the Bears’ kicking competition. Conspiracy theories in a kicking search is as wild as it gets, my friends … and I can’t get over it.
  • There was a lot to digest, to be sure. But one thing that continues to stick with me is how Matt Nagy is obsessed about being obsessed about getting stuff right. He is a stickler for details and it could ultimately be the reason the Bears find their kicker (eventually). Nagy might be taking some guff right now for doing it his way, but at least he is doing it his way. And at some level, I can appreciate that. Remember, Nagy was dragged last year for resting his starters for what has traditionally been the regular season dress-rehearsal because it was unconventional. Now others are doing it without much of a peep. Funny how that works.
  • For whatever reason, this led me down a path to remembering that outsiders also chirped about Nagy playing his starters in Week 17 when they had nothing to play for. Maybe people wanted the Bears to lose that game so they could continue the narrative of how Nagy’s team couldn’t beat playoff teams (they were 2-1 against them last year & 4-1 against teams who finished the year with winning records). Or perhaps people need to complain less, and instead use that time to watch things play out. I dunno. Just a thought.
  • There is a grand lesson to be learned here, and it’s this: If you get a big opportunity, make sure to do it your way. Because you might not ever get a chance to do it again and you’ll definitely regret it if you don’t do things on your terms.
  • One player who is making the most of their time on the field this preseason is safety Deon Bush, who Pro Football Focus notes is the Bears’ highest-graded defender through two weeks. Bush has a 90.4 overall grade with one defensive stop, one pass breakup, and an interception. Part of me thought Bush could have started the year at safety next to Eddie Jackson, but there is something about Ha Ha Clinton-Dix’s experience that is reassuring to the mind.
  • Witness protection ain’t gonna save you from Khalil Mack, buddy:

  • Fun fact: Mack has 4.5 sacks, 3 tackles for loss, and 4 quarterback hits in three games against Rodgers and the Packers. Extrapolate those numbers over 16 games and we’re talking about some whopper stats: 24 sacks, 16 tackles-for-loss, and 21 quarterback hits. Those aren’t just stats that would be worthy of NFL Defensive Player of the Year status, those numbers would get you serious MVP consideration. Just do it, #52!
  • We are Deonte Thompson’s number days away from the Bears and Packers kicking off festivities for the league’s centennial season.
  • Soooo … how do we feel about these Bears helmets?

  • The orange helmets are part refreshing, part gimmicky. I can’t see them being worn in a game because they are so outlandish, it’s tough to envision the McCaskey family signing off on something that is such a step away from the tried and true greatness that is the Bears’ current helmets. But anything is possible. Then again, just because it’s possible doesn’t mean you have to do it.
  • #BearsRelatedAnxietySZN:

  • When he typed “It’s not just Mitch. The whole offense is in Year 2 of the system!” … I felt that.
  • With David Montgomery in the backfield, we might get to see Tarik Cohen out wide more often:

  • I can co-sign two of Chuck Pagano’s dinner suggestions for those traveling to see the Bears in Indianapolis. I’ll let you guess which two:

  • These XFL logos and team names remind me of the create-a-team options in mid-2000s era Madden football games:

  • And where is our Chicago team? Don’t make me send Stone Cold Steve Austin after you, Vince McMahon.
  • Jay Cutler still has it, folks:

  • Over in the Cubs world, I’m so proud that #BigStickNick has become a thing:

  • You know what would be fun? If the Bulls’ young players were fun enough and good enough to lead this team to the playoffs and set a foundation for sustainable success:

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