Lessons Learned, Encouraging Trends, Carli Gets Support to Kick in Chicago, and Other Bullets

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Lessons Learned, Encouraging Trends, Carli Gets Support to Kick in Chicago, and Other Bullets

Chicago Bears

The whole point of a pre-order was to have the music available as immediately as possible. So while I’m miffed about not having the new Taylor Swift in my phone until this morning, I would have rather listed to it last night. I’ll get to listening at some point today … I just don’t know when.

  • An important thread to start our day:


  • Different emojis have different connotations for folks. And now we know that the “yikes!” emoji means other things to different people. It’s a lesson learned for all of us. I feel as if most of our followers and readers know we don’t root for or celebrate injuries. And people who know me know that I’m a believer in karma, so the last thing I wanted to (even if it was by proxy) was to put something like that out into the universe. But I learned from some radio friends I met during my college years that your audience changes every 15 minutes, and while that isn’t 100 percent applicable to the nature of the web, the concept still fits.
  • I have been pretty “meh” about the preseason for a long time. There is nothing predictive that comes from those four games. The Lions went 4-0 in the preseason before going 0-16. The Bears were winless in the preseason before their 2010 run to the postseason. But Cameron Meredith’s season-ending (and now we know, career-altering) injury in preseason Week 3 back in 2017 might have been the big-time eye-opener for me. I feel as if the more teams pull back on their starters and regulars, the closer we will get to fans pushing back and pulling out their money from preseason games. From there, the NFL will have to make an adjustment to strike a balance and do right by their fans (and players).
  • Even a grizzled, long-time center might be changing his tune on the preseason:


  • No stone left unturned in the hunt for a new kicker, right?


  • Soccer star Carli Lloyd caught our eyes with her big-time practice kick in yesterday’s Bullets, but that there is interest in her taking her talents from fútbol to football certainly raises an eyebrow.
  • As does this from Hall of Fame talent evaluator Gil Brandt:

  • Just wait until the Bears start blitzing:

  • Chuck Pagano has strong feelings about his return to Indianapolis. You can catch a snapshot of his feelings here, via some quotes at the Colts’ website.
  • On the other side of the ball, these stats are encouraging for the Bears:

  • If you get to the red zone and score touchdowns, there won’t be so much stress about who’s kicking field goals.
  • Michael is soooooo gonna draft David Montgomery with his first pick in every fantasy draft he participates in:

  • Another hit:


  • Mitch Trubisky threw up 355 passing yards, a 148.6 passer rating, and 4 total touchdowns when the Bears and Lions met last season. So if anyone needs any preseason work, it’s *gestures toward the Lions defense*
  • This image also applies to how I feel knowing there are Johnny Knox’s number of days until the Bears and Packers open up the 2019 regular season:


  • I’ve been reading these since my college years and Drew usually brings the heat in these, but this reads like it was written out of spite by someone resigned to the fact that his favorite team is quarterbacked by Kirk Cousins:

  • It’s back:

Author: Luis Medina

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