Mack Gets Buckets, Robinson Snags Passes, the Kicking Competition Moves to Indy, and Other Bullets

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Mack Gets Buckets, Robinson Snags Passes, the Kicking Competition Moves to Indy, and Other Bullets

Chicago Bears

I’ve given Taylor Swift’s new album exactly one (1) full spin. Ask me anything.

  • We have an NFL preseason game (Cardinals-Vikings) at noon and a rivalry grudge match (Florida-Miami) tonight. Football is thisclose to being back in our lives on a full-time basis. I can taste it!
  • Also, the Bears play a preseason game this evening against the Colts. Neither team’s starters are playing, but there is still plenty to watch for at Lucas Oil Stadium.
  • At the top of our list is the kicking battle. Sure, Eddy Piñeiro beat out Elliott Fry in the Bears’ camp competition, but a strong performance on Saturday against the Colts could probably go a long way toward cementing his spot on the season-opening 53-man roster. A slip up at any given moment could turn out to be costly, so Piñeiro still needs to put his best foot forward (even though he is the only kicker on the Bears’ roster).
  • Saturday’s game against the Colts also provides a first-hand look at Cole Hedlund, Indy’s camp leg who won’t beat out Adam Vinatieri and is looking to use the preseason as an audition for the teams around the league who need a kicker. The Bears are one of those teams and I fully expect them to keep a close eye on Hedlund, who popped up on our radars earlier this month.
  • A Captain and a Prince exchange pleasantries before Saturday’s action:

  • The Bears haven’t had a receiver surpass the 1,000-yard mark since 2014, which is a drought that is far too long. For as much as the Bears trailed from 2015-17, they should have been passing enough for SOMEONE to accumulate 1,000 receiving yards. If Robinson can put together a handful of games that look like what he did against the Eagles last postseason, then a 1,000-yard season is on the horizon in 2019. And so long as the Bears are winning those games, I’m here for it.
  • The best thing I read this week was written by The Athletic’s Kevin Fishbain, who caught up with a bunch of Bears players who play hoops at Khalil Mack’s house. It turns out Mack’s jumper is wet. Someone tell our friends at BN Bulls.
  • “I think Khalil has one helluva shot,” said defensive lineman Nick Williams, who compares the jumper to that of former Duke star (and long-time NBA veteran presence) Shane Battier. “He’s got a pretty good jump shot. … Mack got a good jump shot, actually,” defensive end Bilal Nichols added. “He’s got a smooth shot. I ain’t gonna disrespect him,” chimed in Isaiah Irving. Alright, so the hype is real.
  • It’s a shame Mack is going to be busy through February. Otherwise, I’d offer up a suggestion to let him get buckets for the Bulls. Who wouldn’t want to see Coby White and Khalil Mack run a pick-and-roll?
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  • Too much sauce and all of the swag:

  • This looks delicious:

  • That’s kinda neat:

  • Ah, well, nevertheless:

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