Elliott Fry Insists the Bears' Obsessive Kicker Search Made Him Better

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Elliott Fry Insists the Bears’ Obsessive Kicker Search Made Him Better

Chicago Bears

One week after the Chicago Bears’ kicking competition faced its harshest criticisms in a comprehensive report that featured anonymous comments, conspiracies, and all-around craziness surrounding the ordeal, one of the surviving kickers (who made it all the way to the final round) is describing it in a different light.

In an interview with The Athletic’s Adam Jahns, former Bears kicker Elliott Fry spoke out about what it was like to be under the microscope in the team’s offseason kicking competition. Among the most surprising thing to come from Jahns’ story was Fry’s support of Matt Nagy’s tactic of using Cody Parkey’s double-doink as a teaching tool.

Nagy’s use of showing the soul-crushing miss and oddly obsessive way of going about finding a new kicker has been blasted by ex-coaches, analysts, fans, and others, but for Fry, it put things in perspective.

“It’s one of those where I now feel like I can literally kick any field goal in any situation and not even be remotely bothered by it. It’s like, if I can go in and make kicks with that going on, I can do anything,” Fry said. “It was great looking back on it interns of growing. It’s just like working out really hard; it sucks while you’re doing it but then after, ‘Hey, this has made me better.'”

So in a way, Nagy’s obsessive ways made Fry a better kicker. At least, that’s what I’m picking up from what Fry is putting down. And while Fry couldn’t beat out Eddy Piñeiro, his time in Chicago helped him land another audition with the Ravens — who know a thing or two about developing quality kickers.

I suggest reading Jahns’ full story for a more complete grasp of Fry’s perspective, past, and even future. Fry discussed the nine-man spring camp competition, how those who made the strongest impressions, and other things regarding his hunt for a roster spot. But unlike some of his counterparts who chimed in anonymously with some unflattering things when discussing the kicking competition, Fry sounds convinced the process was good for him as a whole. And if good process yields good results in the Bears’ kicking competition for multiple parties, then it was worth it.

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