Matt Nagy is Keeping It Real Ahead of Cut-Down Day and Other Bullets

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Matt Nagy is Keeping It Real Ahead of Cut-Down Day and Other Bullets

Chicago Bears

The new Star Wars trailer has me wishing it was December in August.

I mean … COME ON:

Between Episode IX’s release on December 20 and a Sunday Night Football showdown between the Bears and Chiefs two days later, I have all the reason I need to wish away the rest of summer and fall to get to winter.

  • One more sleep until the final preseason game and I can hardly contain my excitement. Seriously. It’s not that I have great expectations for the game or believe I’ll see something so remarkable I’ll need to run to my laptop and type it. Instead, this is the final hurdle to clear before we can fully turn our attention to the regular season. There were times this offseason felt like a drag. And I’m not sure how things would have unfolded had we not spent our offseason obsessing about one specific roster spot, but I’m happy that we were able to get through it. Regular season here we come!
  • But first … cut-down day. The Bears (and every other NFL team) need to trim their rosters from 90 to 53 by 3 p.m. (CT) on Saturday. For those of you who are returning to Bears fandom after drifting away for a few years, the NFL has consolidated cutdown periods to one wave of cuts. Remember when the cuts would come in bits and pieces? Ahhh, memories! Those days are long gone now and everything happens at once. It is a bit of a whirlwind, but it makes things all the more interesting.
  • Tough decisions need to be made, but Head Coach Matt Nagy doesn’t sound like he is ready to say goodbye to some of the guys on the 90-man roster. I can’t blame him.
  • One thing I can appreciate is that the old adage of “honesty is the best policy” rings true no matter the platform. “One thing I hang my hat on — and I did it when I got here as a head coach with the hiring and firing of coaches — is just be real, be honest with them,” Nagy said, via the Bears’ official site. “Tell them how they can improve, and then tell them how you’ll help them. If you truly feel like they can still play for another team, then help them. Give them a chance. You never burn bridges. I always tell them, ‘You never know when we’ll cross paths again.’ So I’m just real, I’m honest.”
  • Unlike previous years where cut-down day was the last we would hear about certain players, I have a feeling that some Bears scraps could be picked up elsewhere. The Bears are so deep and they have brought in so much talent in recent years, there are going to be players who will latch on elsewhere even though they won’t make it in Chicago. That’s a sign of a good, healthy roster.
  • Some of the stories behind cut-down weekend seem like they’re straight out of a movie, which is wild to me:

  • I have an auction draft coming up, in which I will no doubt spend too much of my budget to take the Bears defense after watching this sizzle reel:

  • Tony Dungy is geeked about the year to come, too:

  • In addition to possibly being one of the best teams in football, the Bears are arguably one of the most interesting, too. New faces on the coaching staff and roster. Familiar friends returning to old positions and looking to take their game to another level. A hungry team that was given a small taste of success before it was ultimately snatched away. The Bears have so many things worth watching, you’re going to want to tune in to find out what happens.
  • Gear up while you can:

  • The new-look Halas Hall looks freaking good:

  • The immediate return on investment hasn’t been what the Vikings were expecting:

  • This isn’t to say Kaare Vedvik can’t rebound and become a quality NFL kicker. But it’s early struggles in a climate-controlled environment that make me understand why the Bears drew a line at a conditional pick rather than a selection that came with no-strings attached. Until the Vikings work out Vedvik’s kinks, his best spot on their roster might be as a kickoff specialist. Not quite what Minnesota envisioned when sending an unconditional fifth-round pick to Baltimore.
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Author: Luis Medina

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