Vaughters Goes Full Mack, Montgomery Orders Snack, Remembering Fox's Mishandling of Quarterbacks, and Other Bullets

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Vaughters Goes Full Mack, Montgomery Orders Snack, Remembering Fox’s Mishandling of Quarterbacks, and Other Bullets

Chicago Bears

All the talk about chicken sandwiches this week has me angling for lunch at a place called Charcoal Delights, a neighborhood haunt that does the best char-grilled chicken sandwich I’ve ever had.

Here’s some Bears bullets …

  • Khalil Mack is ready for it:

  • We made it, you guys. Through the good (touchdowns, pick-sixes, big hits, sack celebrations), bad (missed throws, blown coverages, turnovers, missed field goals) and everything that the preseason has to offer, we stuck it out all the way to the end. Kudos to all you Bears fans who hung in with us on Twitter, Facebook, and everywhere else. Your reward will (hopefully) be a dazzling regular season for the defending NFC North.
  • Now comes the hard part: Cut-down weekend. The next 48 hours or so are going to be a whirlwind. Season-opening 53-man rosters are due by 3 p.m. CT on Saturday, but things won’t stop there. Because on Sunday the waiver period opens up. Unlike previous years, the Bears are near the end of the claims list. So if they want someone, it could be a long wait (not to mention serious hope that their guy isn’t scooped up beforehand).
  • I, for one, appreciate James Vaughters’ Khalil Mack impression:

  • Vaughters was to the preseason what Mack was to games of consequence, so I hope he makes the team. Three sacks and two forced fumbles is a strong way to make a case for inclusion on the 53-man roster.
  • Alex Bars looked like someone who deserved a roster spot after last night’s performance. Bars started at left tackle and held it down protecting Tyler Bray’s blindside. The Notre Dame product had been operating as an interior lineman throughout training camp and the preseason until injuries among the reserve tackles kicked him outside. Bars has experience at tackle from his time with the Fighting Irish. The NFL is a next-man-up league, so it wouldn’t be all-too-surprising if this is how the Bears ultimately unearthed their swing tackle solution.
  • It was good to see Aaron Lynch get some preseason snaps. A shoulder injury had sidelined him most of the preseason, so getting Lynch out there to get some work in to knock off rust was a good idea.
  • Obsessive Kicker Watch: Eddy Piñeiro made two first-half field goals, but missed a PAT because nothing is easy for Bears kickers.
  • Piñeiro going 3-for-3 to finish the preseason with an 8-for-9 mark probably should have nailed down a roster spot for him. HOWEVER, Matt Nagy cautioned “a lot of stuff can happen” between now and when the waiver period comes and goes. It feels like this kicking carnival is far from over.
  • Apparently, no one in the NFC North can kick. Mason Crosby (Packers) and Kaare Vedvik (Vikings) joined Piñeiro in missing kicks from within 40 yards. Perhaps the #bankickers movement will pick up some steam now.
  • Oh, and the night got worse from there for Vedvik:

  • #NotMyKicker #NotMyPunterEither
  • Pat O’Donnell would NEVER go out like that.
  • Elliott Fry went out with a bang:


  • If it comes to it, *I* will let him practice at Soldier Field.
  • I appreciate the perspective from a long-snapper who worked with Robbie Gould for long enough to make me think he knows a thing or two about what good kicking looks like:

  • Attention to detail is clearly important to Roquan Smith:

  • The Athletic’s Kevin Fishbain re-visited one of my least-favorite moments in Bears history:

  • Thanks, Kevin. I’ve been actively *TRYING* to forget this ever happened.
  • REMINDER: While John Fox was goofing off and mishandling the quarterback situation in every way possible, Matt Nagy and Andy Reid had their hands all over developing Patrick Mahomes.
  • “We” have Tarik Cohen and you don’t:

  • Keep an eye out for this guy:

  • The final day for this particular deal from our friends at Obvious Shirts:

  • Take it from us, defense wins championships:

Author: Luis Medina

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