Mack Wants to Hit, Da Story Behind Your Favorite SNL Bit, Lil' Wayne Has a Scoop, and Other Bullets

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Mack Wants to Hit, Da Story Behind Your Favorite SNL Bit, Lil’ Wayne Has a Scoop, and Other Bullets

Chicago Bears

My basement’s configuration didn’t leave much wiggle-room for a two-TV set-up. But with a little bit of creativity, some help from my pops, and a couple of spare cables that weren’t being used to their fullest potential, I now have what I’ve long wanted. Is it Thursday yet?

  • One last look (and listen) at the 2019 preseason before we leave it in the past forever:

  • You’re darn right the Bears cracked the top-10 of’s power rankings! And while Dan Hanzus’ write-up has a weirdly placed Eddy Piñeiro comparison, I’ll just let it roll because the Bears are getting theirs. Good for them. They have certainly earned it with how they played last year and how they project to be good again because a lot of the players who starred for them in 2018 are still in their prime entering the 2019 season.
  • Aaron Rodgers better watch out! Khalil Mack and the Bears defense is ready to hit somebody:

  • Because most of the first-team defense was kept on the sideline for the duration of the Mack and the boys haven’t hit someone who wasn’t a teammate since January. Or if you’d like to get really specific, it has been 240 days. But who’s counting?
  • It is worth noting that the Bears defense and the leader of the Packers’ first-team offense took no preseason snaps, so I wonder if rust will be an issue. And if it is not an issue, I am curious to see if either side will play it close to the vest early. I genuinely do not know what to expect. Then again, that is the beauty of sports. Every game is a clean slate where anything can happen. The mounting anticipation is gnawing at me.
  • NFL insider Lil’ Wayne has a Packers-related #scoop:

  • Lil’ Wayne is more known for his rhymes, but has an undying love for the Packers. So it’s possible that he is speaking from a passionate place rather than a point of objectivity when he texted Skip Bayless that Rodgers and new head coach Matt LaFleur have something cooking behind the scenes. But maybe he knows something we don’t and that an offseason of turmoil was just a ruse to throw people off the scent of what was happening with That Team in Wisconsin. Hey, I suppose anything is possible!
  • To summarize his offseason, Rodgers spent a chunk of time defending himself from what he described as a “smear attack” by “bitter, irrelevant” ex-teammates in a Bleacher Report story that painted him in an unflattering light, got passive-aggressive during a humblebrag (because of course!), publicly clashed with his new head over the dumbest things, and was (probably) burned to a crisp by a dragon on “Game of Thrones.” Rodgers’ offseason was a lot of things, but uneventful wasn’t one of them.
  • Reading about Khalil Mack and Matt Nagy re-visiting what happened in Week 1 last season (via Cam Ellis of NBC Sports Chicago) brought a bunch of mixed emotions into my system.
  • A replay of the 2018 season-opener against the Packers played on NFL Network late last night and it was a tough watch. The two halves were two totally different games and it was unlike anything I had ever seen (in person, nonetheless). Even though the Bears lost that game, I left Lambeau Field feeling as if that year was going to be different than the ones that came before it. And it so happens my gut was right.
  • Hey! This is my favorite part of the rivalry, too:

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  • A glimmer of good news came from Monday’s injury report, as tight end Trey Burton practiced in a limited capacity. The mild groin strain kept Burton out of practice on Sunday and put his availability for Thursday’s game against the Packers in limbo. It is a situation we will continue to monitor.
  • The Bears are probably in a better place now than they were last time they were going to be without Burton, but I bet they would rather have the talented pass-catching tight end in the lineup. Chicago has alternate weapons it can focus its game plan on, but Burton has a unique skill set that allows him to be part safety blanket, part playmaker for quarterback Mitch Trubisky.
  • Green Bay’s injury report is a laundry list of walking wounded:

  • If you’ve ever wondered about da story behind “DA BEARS!” here ya go:

  • Our friends at Obvious Shirts have some new gear:

  • Ooh, a bus tour:

  • The Raiders are one play away from it being Mike Glennon SZN:

  • Interesting, to say the least:

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