The Fangio Effect, Protection Problems, TNF Troubles, and Other Bears Bullets

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The Fangio Effect, Protection Problems, TNF Troubles, and Other Bears Bullets

Chicago Bears

My barber went on vacation in August and told me he would be back in September. Except I don’t remember when he said he would be back. Do I just show up and hope he is there? I’m not totally sure what to do here.

  • The Bears are facing Von Miller and Bradley Chubb, so this is an important stat to keep in mind heading into Week 2:

  • OOF. That’s rough to look at early on a Friday morning. The Bears allowed nearly as many pressures as a Dolphins team that is going out of its way to be the poster-child for tanking. That is not good company to be hanging around. And if Chicago wants to avoid a dreaded 0-2 start, it needs to tighten up at the line of scrimmage.
  • Seeing Houston allow that much pressure makes Deshaun Watson’s performance on Monday Night Football that much more impressive. But also, isn’t that why they traded real, tangible assets to acquire left tackle Laremy Tunsil?
  • As Olin Kreutz points out, they don’t make ’em like they used to:

  • Roberto Garza was criminally underrated in Chicago. He played 10 years in Chicago, started in 145 of the 154 games he appeared with as a member of the Bears, played center and both guard spots, and played quite well. Garza was one of those guys who gets overlooked, despite being known as a key member of a good unit.
  • On the other side of the line of scrimmage, Leonard Floyd is making his former coordinator proud:

  • I’m pretty sure this is as close to a humblebrag as Vic Fangio gets, so enjoy it while you can.
  • Aren’t you glad Fangio never lost faith in Floyd? I sure am. But that’s what made Fangio a great coordinator in Chicago. Fangio’s trust in his ability to coach up talented players, reach them with his methods, and belief in the process paid off more times than not — and often in a big way. Think of how things went with Kyle Fuller, the recipient of tough love from Fangio before becoming an All-Pro cornerback. Fango never lost hope with some of his biggest projects, and that is a lesson we should all take to heart.
(Photo by Kevork Djansezian/Getty Images)
  • So much love for Vic Fangio … but not so much for moral victories. Da Bears are hungry for a win:

  • Vic Fangio is a treasure and I’m glad he got his shot to be a head coach:

  • I don’t see the harm in Matt Nagy’s thinking here, especially if it means they won’t run any of the plays they did last week:

  • Have yourself a week, new guy:

  • The Bears are going to need multiple birthday cakes to properly celebrate today:

  • This should be a nice touch:

  • Fancy air mattresses are amongthe Deals of the Day today at Amazon.
  • There is an alternate universe in which doinking it off the upright and still having it go in is called the Cody Parkey:

  • Unfortunately, we don’t live in that universe. And you better believe I’m mad about it because I bet that universe has all sorts of goodies we can only dream of having in this one.
  • Quarterbacking on Thursday Night Football has been pretty crummy this year. It’s just two games, but here are the numbers: 84/150, 963 yards, 2 TD, 1 INT. That comes out to a 56 percent completion rate, 6.42 yards per attempt, a 1.3 TD%, and a 77.2 passer rating. That 77.2 passer rating looks a lot better than the play that has accompanied it to this point.
  • What’s a few inches?

  • We know how much Ryan Pace love his Georgia Bulldogs:

  • Well, then:

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