Saturday Morning Optimism, Ditka's Nice Play, Mack Side-steps Trap, and Other Bears Bullets

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Saturday Morning Optimism, Ditka’s Nice Play, Mack Side-steps Trap, and Other Bears Bullets

Chicago Bears

Today is a good day to have a multiple-television set-up, but I have plans with friends around town. So this is where I will encourage you to take a step outside and enjoy the weather before Mother Nature eventually turns on us.

  • This is the video content you needed to start your Saturday morning:

  • Mitch Trubisky played an atrocious game in Week 1, but that minor setback could be a setup for a major comeback. And if you don’t believe that, re-watch the video above until you do.
  • Trubisky’s career has been uneven to this point, but it is notable that he generally follows up poor performances with good ones. Trubisky posted a career-worst 33.3 passer rating in a 15-6 win against the Rams last year, but bounced back a week later with a 120.4 rating in a win against the Packers. Earlier in the same season, Trubisky bound back from posting a 69.8 rating against the Patriots to put up a 102.7 rating against the Jets. Trubisky has shown an ability to right some wrongs early in his career, but it has yet to translate into consistency. But if he can not make the same mistakes in consecutive weeks, it would go a long way toward finding that consistency.
  • Derek Carr posted a 121.0 passer rating against the Broncos on Monday Night Football with an efficient 22/26, 259-yard, 1 TD game. It was Carr’s first game with a passer rating in the 100s since Week 14 of the 2018 season. And while I’ll stop short of predicting it will happen for Trubisky, just know that it can happen.
  • Positive vibes only, by The Athletic’s Dan Pompei:

  • Matt Nagy will make better game plans and play calls. They can’t be worse than they were last week. Trubisky will make better decisions, and thus, better plays. Tarik Cohen and David Montgomery will get more touches than they did last week. Allen Robinson is an ace receiver without being overdramatic about it. Khalil Mack is still employed by the Bears. As is Leonard Floyd, who appears primed for a breakout season. So many things went wrong last week, but the Bears were never out of striking distance. And in the end, things can always get better.
  • Khalil Mack is smart:

  • Nice play, Ditka:

  • Is that even legal?

  • The Cubs’ scoring spree has inspired our friends at Obvious Shirts to make everything 17 percent off today if you use the code 17RUNS:

  • This is art:

  • Birthday wishes go out a very disruptive defensive force:

  • Alright, so it’s time to get back onto the football field:

  • But seriously … about those NBA Jam rankings?
  • Tim Tebow’s rant was a bit grating:

  • It must be good to have boatloads of money:

  • Let’s keep an eye on the Fire, if only because they’ll be playing their home games at Soldier Field nest year:

Author: Luis Medina

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