It's Time To Unleash Tarik Cohen and the Running Game and Other Bears Bullets

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It’s Time To Unleash Tarik Cohen and the Running Game and Other Bears Bullets

Chicago Bears

A brief PSA: Be careful when taking a ride-share and make sure you are getting in the car you requested. Check the license plate. Make sure your driver is who the app says it is. And if someone asks you if you need a ride, and it is unsolicited, don’t take it. Be safe out there, friends.

  • Thursday mornings are for remembering to set your fantasy lineups. And if you’re willing to take advice from’s Michael Fabiano, you won’t be starting Tarik Cohen. David Montgomery has seen more of a snap share and Mike Davis has been a change-of-pace back, which has left Cohen with just a 37.5 percent snap share. I understand Nagy and the Bears wanting to limit Cohen’s snaps to protect from overexposure, but this trend might be taking it too far.
  • But on the other end of the spectrum, Mark Deming of writes not to be hesitant to play Montgomery and Cohen when Chicago travels to Washington for Monday Night Football. So … what’s the play again?
  • The film suggests Cohen should be a big part of the Bears’ offensive game plan moving forward:

  • Kudos to Matt Nagy for showing a commitment to the running game. And while the results weren’t always there, I can’t get past how this phase of the game is so close to breaking out. If the offensive line’s blocking can find some traction, the whole offensive unit will benefit from it.
  • And once defense convince themselves the Bears are zigging, they can throw Cordarrelle Patterson and zag:

  • This is what a modern running game is supposed to look like for this team. Speed and power going in either direction with the threat of a cut-back always looming. But make no mistake, it all starts up front.
(Photo by Matthew Stockman/Getty Images)
  • Stud offensive lineman Kyle Long knows it, too. “The offensive line and I know that it starts up front and there are a lot of things I can do better, a lot of blocks I’m not making, a lot of guys not accounted for,” Long said, via the Bears’ official website. “I’ll be on guys at the beginning of the play, and then at the end of the play they’re around the pile.” It is maddening that the Bears are a few finished blocks away from having some big gains. But because it seems like they know that, I can take solace in that the group is working to plug that leak in their game.
  • This passing game … yikes:

  • Nagy is going to install this into his playbook so quickly, it will make your head spin:

  • The Lions have been tanking for years, soooo …

  • Instead of becoming the billionth person on earth to start a podcast, I’ll just land as a guest on everyone else’s show:

  • Considering how being on Team USA helps forge relationships that tend to lead to player movement, I hate that Zach LaVine wasn’t on the squad this summer:

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