Rashaad Coward Wins Community MVP, Sweeping Sheds, Trubisky's Spot in Historic Weekend, and Other Bears Bullets

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Rashaad Coward Wins Community MVP, Sweeping Sheds, Trubisky’s Spot in Historic Weekend, and Other Bears Bullets

Chicago Bears

I have spent most of my morning nursing myself to full strength after waking up with an illness. So I apologize if Saturday’s Bullets are a bit brief.

  • Let’s start with some positive vibes:

  • There are few things I enjoy reading more than when I see professional athletes give back to the community. It is truly inspiring to see members of the Bears (as well as the Bulls, White Sox, Cubs, Blackhawks, and anyone else) connect with those who look up to them, are less fortunate, have special needs, etc. It serves as a reminder that there is still plenty of good happening around us. It should also serve as a reminder that you don’t need to be a superstar to go out there and give back. If given an opportunity to give something to your community, even if it a small thing, you should do it. Because in addition to doing right by others, it might make you feel better.
  • Alright, on to more football-is things…
  • Danny Trevathan talking truths:


  • Mitch Trubisky is going to be a part of history this weekend:


  • Perhaps this is why Trubisky feels like the offense is so close to breakout out:

  • Trubisky has turned in a number of prime-time duds, but these ESPN analysts believe in the Bears defense to bring it home:

  • This defense rocks:

  • If the “Sweep the Sheds” award isn’t given for literally sweeping sheds, then how does one get it?

  • Oh!

  • Is the NFL coming to its senses?

  • There hasn’t been any word of Leonard Floyd or Eddie Goldman getting pinged with fines for their roughness penalties. That feels like good news for players who did nothing wrong. But also, it feels like bad news for that officiating crew if they had their eyes set on a postseason game.
  • For the record, at least that crew got one important call right:

  • I’m glad someone acknowledged the snub of the century as Devin Hester’s Super Bowl opening kickoff return touchdown ws left off the NFL’s 100 best plays list:

  • The making of the George Halas and Walter Payton statues is pretty neat to watch:

  • Calvin Johnson has dropped some quips here and there in his post-playing career, but SI.com’s Mike Rosenberg caught up with the retired star receiver for an extended piece:

  • Of course Josh McCown, the Greatest Backup Quarterback of All-Time, remembers all of the Bears he threw touchdowns to in his career:

  • Business is no longer boomin’:

  • The NBA should take a page out of the NFL’s playbook and open up a “legal tampering period” for free agency:

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