Goldman's Homecoming, The Last Win Against Washington, Broncos Tried to Help, and Other Bears Bullets

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Goldman’s Homecoming, The Last Win Against Washington, Broncos Tried to Help, and Other Bears Bullets

Chicago Bears

I can’t be the only one whose internal clock has been thrown off by the start of the Bears’ 2019 schedule. It felt like an eternity passed between the time the Bears ended their first game and kicked off Week 2, but it was just 10 days. And while you would think that winning in Week 2 would make the eight days between the end of that game and their Monday Night Football appearance in Washington go by quickly, you would be sadly mistaken.

The end of summer is supposed to bring football season, but the Bears have played just twice in 19 days. Bring on the football, you cowards!

  • Eddie Goldman is returning to play in his home town for the first time as an NFL player:

  • Goldman is a Washington, D.C. native who has plenty of reasons to be hyped about this game, but his reflections on his past and humble beginnings are eye-opening. Making it to this point in his NFL career wasn’t easy, and it is amazing to think how much he has done to get here. Goldman has played an integral role in the Bears defense and has become a fan favorite among those of us who nerd out over winning the battle at the line of scrimmage. I imagine this return will be an emotional one for Goldman, and it would be neat to see him turn that energy into a big game in front of friends and family on a national stage.
  • I was a senior in high school the last time Chicago defeated Washington in a game of professional football, so seeing this lineup makes me feel some type of way as I travel back into time:

  • I can’t lie: I had to look up “Q. Mitchell” and “A. Gibson” on Pro Football Reference’s site just to jog my memory. Clearly, whatever I did to block out the Qasim Mitchell and Aaron Gibson eras of Bears football worked as well as I wanted it to in the first place. Way to go, brain. And if you are curious as to how the Bears were triumphant with a starting lineup featuring those two tackles, it helped that Washington was pushing forward with the likes of Tim Hasselbeck, Rock Cartwright, and Rod Gardner at skill position spots. Also in Washington’s lineup was safety Matt Bowen, who does stellar breakdown work as part of ESPN’s legion of football analysts.
  • It is wild to think about how Steve Spurrier’s time as an NFL coach wasn’t all that successful, but many of the offensive concepts that made him an all-time great college football coach are prevalent in today’s game. Between the vertical stuff that stretches the field and some of the side-to-side passing action that can serve as de facto run plays, Spurrier’s finger-prints are all over the modern game. And while Dick Jauron’s time as Bears head coach didn’t have too many memorable moments, no one can take away his win over a Spurrier-led team.
  • If you’re a Washington fan and this is the first thing you read this morning, you’re probably wanting to spike your coffee:

  • The Bears just bucked a big-time trend last week by defeating a Broncos team that rarely ever loses its home opener. Here’s to keeping this particular skid going by beating Washington on its home turf.
  • This quote from Offensive Coordinator Mark Helfrich on Cordarrelle Patterson (via the Bears’ official site) makes me want to see No. 84 more than ever: “He would love to be on the field every single snap — offense, defense, special teams, whatever.”
  • Chicago’s offensive decision-makers need to find a healthy balance for Patterson’s work load, but the dynamic speedster can make game-changing plays whenever he is on the field and gets his hands on the ball. It would be neat to see one of those types of plays unfold on MNF.
  • Looking at this list hurts:

  • In case you are wondering where Mitch Trubisky sits, he has 31 passing touchdowns in 28 games. So another six-touchdown performance still wouldn’t bring him close to where he needs to be. Ouch.
  • If I am forced to eat crow because I am wrong about Daniel Jones, I would like it fried hard, lemon pepper, and mild sauce on it … please:

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  • I guess it’s never too early to look ahead to Week 4:

  • An injury update to keep an eye on next week:

  • Bill Belichick and George Halas are together at the top:

  • The Packers are 3-0, but it’s not as if Phillip Lindsay didn’t do his part to help the Bears’ cause:

  • Let’s see how this holds up as Week 3 comes to a close:

  • Officials still can’t get this right:

  • Sunday Night Football was weird (and not just because the Browns were hosting it):

  • Everything looks open on a screenshot:

  • “My mans just started throwing babies out the window, and we was catchin’ ’em — unlike Agholor”

  • Michael: Make fun of Agholar all you want, but his 8 catchers, 50 yards, and 2 receiving touchdowns saved my fantasy football team this week (19.0 points, yo!).

Author: Luis Medina

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