Khalil Mack Explains His Dog Poop Quote and Other Bears Bullets

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Khalil Mack Explains His Dog Poop Quote and Other Bears Bullets

Chicago Bears

Playoff baseball is quite enjoyable when you are a neutral observer. It also helps when you make a really good spaghetti dinner with oven-baked chicken. It is a real shame there were no leftovers to share. Sorry, friends. Maybe next time.

  • Khalil Mack does it all. He rushes the passer with fury, stops the running game with ferocity, and can even come away with an interception once in a while. Beyond that, the guy is a surprisingly awesome quote. The latest (and arguably greatest) quotable came Sunday:

  • I’ll admit I had a good chuckle about it, but also had no idea what he was talking about. Thankfully, Mack provided an explanation to the Chicago Tribune’s Dan Wiederer. “It really means that anybody can start fast. But it’s about the whole race,” Mack explained. “You know what I’m saying? It’s the whole season. Being consistent.”
  • Not only is having clarity neat in this situation, it also suddenly becomes relatable and understandable. A 3-1 start for the Bears is quality, but Mack knows that hot starts can come to an end quickly and being good through one quarter of a season doesn’t mean anything if the team does not sustain its success. Mack’s eyes constantly staying on a bigger prize should fuel others around him to keep a similar perspective.
  • In addition to being a new-aged philosopher, Mack is still good at football:

  • Did I say good? I meant to say worthy of being mentioned in MVP chatter:

  • There was a time last year when Mack was getting some love in the MVP debate. Ultimately, it went to Patrick Mahomes because he had a bonkers season. But I maintain that a defensive player is going to snatch an MVP trophy one of these days. Eventually, voters are going to get tired of voting the quarterback with the most zany numbers as the MVP. And there will come a time when a defensive player goes off in a big way, so much so, that voters can’t ignore it. Heck, we almost had it last year with Rams defensive tackle Aaron Donald. Had Mahomes put up a more modest stat line, Donald’s season — which was highlighted by leading the league (20.5) and tackles-for-loss (25) — would have merited serious conversation for league MVP honors. So when the day comes when a league MVP isn’t a quarterback, don’t say I didn’t warn ya.
  • Hit Stick Nick is a clever nickname:

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  • I wonder if Mack misses his former quarterback:

  • Real friends:

  • A diplomatic response that could ultimately be proven true over time:

  • Who doesn’t love good artwork?

  • The Bears are gonna be the team eating McDonald’s overseas, aren’t they?

  • If the NFL wants to play a game in a place where the food is excellent, allow me to suggest a game in Puerto Rico.
  • Weird eating habits, drink choices, sock love, and music choices are among the quirky things that get NFL players going on a Sunday:

  • It feels as if it is necessary to re-share this:

  • Would we like clarity regarding the Roquan Smith situation? Sure. But that does not mean we are owed an explanation. I understand the desire for information, especially in this era where all of the information can be easily found with a few key strokes. But so long as this issue remains a personal ordeal that is being handled in-house, I feel as if this is a good time to simply respect an individual’s right to privacy.
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  • Shot:

  • Chaser:

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