Sorry, But There's No Quick Fix for the Bears Offense and Other Bears Bullets

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Sorry, But There’s No Quick Fix for the Bears Offense and Other Bears Bullets

Chicago Bears

BBQ chicken biscuit sandwiches are the dinner option I didn’t know I needed until I whipped up a batch last night. And now that I know the family BBQ sauce recipe, I can get extra creative with its use on different meats.

  • Kristopher Knox (Bleacher Report) sorts through every NFL team’s biggest disappointment to this point of the season. And while there’s no shortage of options to choose from when discussing the Bears, Knox lands on the passing game as the aspect that has fallen short to this point. And why not? Mitch Trubisky was expected to stack another productive year after his second-year improvements, but has regressed as a passer. He has seen drops in TD% (from 5.5% to 2.8%), yards per attempt (7.4 to 5.5), adjusted yards/attempt (7.3 to 5.3), yards/game (230.2 to 147.0), passer rating (85.4 to 81.0), and QBR (70.8 to 31.3). It’s a mess! Suffering a shoulder injury for a second consecutive year probably doesn’t do his development any favors, but at least this year’s issue is with his non-throwing arm. But that doesn’t excuse what Trubisky did when he was healthy. Here’s hoping he is back at the drawing board.
  • Because Trubisky and the passing attack has been grounded, there is a chance we might hear some off-the-wall things bounce off the rumor mill. Such as this from radio host Dan Sileo:

  • Sileo hears the New York Giants have taken calls from teams who have their eyes on Eli Manning, listing the Bears, Vikings, Steelers, Bills, and Jaguars as interested parties. Were Trubisky on injured reserve or believed to be out for an extended period of time, dialing up the Giants wouldn’t be the worst idea. But between Manning’s no-trade protections and a salary cap hit north of $20 million, it doesn’t make sense for the Bears.
  • Frankly, it doesn’t make much sense if you talk yourself through some of these other teams, either. The Bills are going to ride with Josh Allen as they continue to build toward improvement. The Vikings have minimal cap space unless they would move Kirk Cousins in a deal. Pittsburgh makes sense on the surface, seeing that they are on QB3 after Mason Rudolph’s injury, but the Steelers’ cap situation has them at around $4 million in available funds. And the Jaguars appear to be in a great place with Gardner Minshew II rolling through and putting on a show in Jacksonville.
  • Then again, maybe the Jags want to do some quarterback shuffling of their own. Evan Silva throws out an idea that its worth a second look:

  • Again, this would make more sense if Trubisky was expected to be out for a lengthy period of time. Or if the Bears were ready to move on from the Trubisky experience and give the rock to someone who knows Matt Nagy’s scheme as well as the coach does, but unlike the Bears’ current backup, has a pedigree of success as a Pro Bowl signal caller and Super Bowl MVP. Foles has a $12 million cap charge this season, which bumps up to $22.125 million in 2020. But there is an out after the 2020 season. That makes Foles’ deal a valuable one, should Jacksonville believe Minshew is their long-term guy and wants to get creative in a deal to get out from under some money.
  • To be fair, the passing game isn’t the only disappointing thing happening in the offense:

  • The offensive line isn’t the only issue, but it is one that — if fixed — helps solves issues that have held up the passing attack and the ground game. Skill position players can’t do anything if the offensive line doesn’t give them time to get open, create separation, or provide space to work with at the point of attack.
  • On a brighter note, ex-NFL cornerback DeAngelo Hall still views Kyle Fuller as a top-5 corner in the game. Hall calls fuller “a monster in coverage” because of his physical nature and puts him among the elite because of his versatility. Sure, Fuller didn’t put on his A-Game overseas, but no one on the Bears defense did. It was a clunker and it happens. Just don’t let it happen again.
  • An extensive breakdown of Sherrick McManis’ “Peanut Punch” is everything you needed today:

  • Giving back to the community is nice to see:

  • Allen Robinson jumped on CLTV’s Sports Feed to talk about his upcoming charity event:

  • Deshaun Watson is also doing great stuff and giving back:

  • Look who is returning to Soldier Field:

  • One ex-Bear joins the Titans, another one leaves:

  • The Talkin’ Toros podcast returns (#BackBeforeRose?) for our 24th episode, which kicks off the 2019-20 season. Adam, Myles, and myself chat about the new-look Bulls, their lofty expectations, my concerns and fears regarding the direction, and more. Check us out!

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