Mitch Trubisky to See an Increased Work Load at Practice

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Mitch Trubisky to See an Increased Work Load at Practice

Chicago Bears

Not only was Mitch Trubisky a full participant in Wednesday’s practice, Bears Head Coach Matt Nagy said he liked what he saw from his starting quarterback.

Now, to master the next challenge: stacking back-to-back quality practices while recovering from an injured non-throwing shoulder that kept him out of action for much of Week 4 and all of Week 5.

Before we see if Trubisky is up to the task this Sunday, Nagy told reporters QB1 will be given an extra push in Thursday’s practice:

I’m happy to hear and see some optimism out there, but Nagy is making a prudent decision to give most (if not, all) of the first-team snaps to Trubisky today, rather than splitting them with backup Chase Daniel on the off chance QB2 needs to start. Like Nagy said, they’ve got to know how much Trubisky can handle and soon.

And since Daniel always prepares as a starter (even if he doesn’t get the physical reps) anyway, it probably shouldn’t matter if he saw a decrease in first-team reps from one practice to another. Moreover, since we’ve seen Daniel enter a game mid-stream and guide the Bears offense well enough to take home a victory, concerns about his practice time with the first-unit offense aren’t that much of a concern.

If Trubisky makes it a second consecutive day as a full participant at practice, it will be deemed as another step in the direction of progress. Plus, it’ll be another sign that (short of any unforeseen setbacks that could occur before Sunday) Trubisky will be set to ride as the team’s starter once again.

Author: Luis Medina

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