Good Morning: The Bears Have No Offensive Identity

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Good Morning: The Bears Have No Offensive Identity

Chicago Bears

In a game that presented so many brutal realities, one stood out above the rest: The Chicago Bears simply do not have an offensive identity.

Just ask the quarterback: “Right now we have no identity,” Trubisky said after Sunday’s loss, via the Bears’ official website. “We’re just searching. We don’t have any rhythm. We’re not the offense we were last year, and every year is different. We’ve just got to find ways, look within ourselves, and we’ve got to have guys step up.”

The quarterback should be the one who establishes an offensive identity, but unfortunatly, Trubisky is at the top of the list of problems.

Crummy fundamentals and mechanics? Check. Questionable and erratic decision-making? Yep. Poor field vision? You bet. The inconsistencies in Trubisky’s game — inconsistencies that should have been wiped out three years into his professional career — showed up in full force on Sunday. And even in the rare moments when things were in sync, Trubisky air-mailed receivers, tossed worm-burners, and threw away passes to get out of harm’s way when receivers were open. The regression stick has hit Trubisky harder than any defender could, and it has left him and the rest of the Bears searching for answers.

To be fair, Trubisky isn’t the offense’s only problem. But it all starts at the top and there is no denying the Bears’ offensive problems stem from a quarterback struggling to find rhythm and open receivers.

Overall, this is a group with no vision and no sense of direction. The Bears are 23 games into the Matt Nagy era and have no identity, which is difficult to stomach considering he was hired to modernize things on the offensive side of the ball. There is no staple to the offense. Nor are there any go-to plays when things aren’t going their way. The Bears offense is a lifeless entity with no soul. And that is problematic, to say the least.

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Author: Luis Medina

Luis Medina is a Writer at Bleacher Nation, and you can find him on Twitter at@lcm1986.