What Happened to Mitch Trubisky's Legs? And Other Bears Bullets

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What Happened to Mitch Trubisky’s Legs? And Other Bears Bullets

Chicago Bears

Unless Kanye West shares something while I’m banging out Bullets, he will have yet disappointed (again) by not dropping an album he promised. I’m almost at my wit’s end with the guy, who was the game’s best producer-rapper before he began dealing with some issues … both legitimate mental health and pure-celebrity related.

Maybe he has something special prepared for when the Bears pick up a win on Sunday. After all, his Southside Super Bowl team-up rap with Common is still an all-time favorite of mine.

  • With all the talk about what Mitch Trubisky is doing with his arm, does anyone know what happened to his feet? JJ Stankevitz (NBC Sports Chicago) highlights one of Trubisky’s biggest shortcomings in 2019 being a lack of production in the ground game. Trubisky has five rushing attempts for 21 yards. Or to put it differently, Trubisky is running the ball once per game and averaging four yards per pop. Remember when Trubisky was running wild and moving the chains on a weekly basis? Fun times.
  • Sure, defenses have done a number on scheming their way to limiting what Trubisky does on the ground. But it’s not like the Bears have done much to get him going in that regard. Designed runs and rollouts have been few and far between, which is disappointing when you think about how much better Trubisky has been when on the move compared to when he is forced to stick in the pocket. I’d like to see the Bears call for a bootleg action off a play fake, sprint rollouts to the left and right, and maybe a straight up QB draw. What’s the worst thing that can happen? (And don’t you dare say injury! Because that can happen on any play!)

  • Seriously … Where is this Mitch at?

  • A Trubisky led offense scored more in one quarter on the road at Washington than the Vikings did in their entire Thursday night home game against Washington. Whatever.
  • The Vikings have been on a roll since getting beat down by the Bears. I don’t understand football sometimes.
  • Dear Bears, run this until they stop you:

  • It will never happen because coaches insist on showing off their brains by digging deep into their respective playbooks. But it would be nice to see a coach line up his guys, run his best play, and dare opposing defenses to stop it. And if they can’t, run it until the game ends. As a Bears fan who watched the Packers run sweep after sweep and slant after slant to bludgeon my favorite team, I’ve long wondered why the guys I supported couldn’t do the same. I mean … save for the obvious answer of lacking the talent to do so.
  • Seeing where the Bears are on one list and where the Chargers sit on another gives me hope for this weekend:

  • The Bears defense is one of the NFL’s best at forcing three-and-outs from the opposing offense. The Chargers are one of the league’s worst teams at getting opposing offenses off the field with a three-and-out. On paper, this is part of a recipe for what should be a Bears win. Don’t blow it.
  • Words hurt:

  • Words hurt, Pt. 2 … but with audio:

  • This is the right message to send:

  • Jeff Garlin’s wild opinions aren’t limited to baseball:


  • New guy Brent Urban is geeked up to play on the Bears defense:

  • Side note: I’m a fan of the alternate Blue Jays cap.
  • At least the guys are still having fun out there:


  • Who doesn’t love a giveaway?

  • Ooh, another trade:

  • Nick Foles isn’t eligible to return from IR until Week 11, but he is back practicing in pads again:

Author: Luis Medina

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