No Mahomes, Mitch Might Not Be the Worst, Nagy Shares a Game Plan, and Other Bears Bullets

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No Mahomes, Mitch Might Not Be the Worst, Nagy Shares a Game Plan, and Other Bears Bullets

Chicago Bears

I spent way too much time de-frosting the beer fridge in my basement. But perhaps I should have done something about it a while ago. Don’t let what happened to me happen to you. Take care of your fridge/freezer while you can.

  • Patrick Mahomes practiced in each of the last three days, but the Chiefs still ruled him out of Sunday’s game against the Packers. Not only will Bears fans not get a chance to cheer for Mahomes to help out against the Packers, the football-watching public is robbed of a Mahomes-Rodgers matchup. Bummer.
  • Here is Andy Reid’s explanation:

  • Perhaps Mahomes returns against the Vikings next week?  I guess we’ll have to continue following this until we get an answer.
  • Kurt Warner has had a change of heart:

  • I respect Warner for fessing up and admitting he might have been wrong about the offense. Then again, that there was still stuff that looked back and it needed a second run-through to confirm that things weren’t as awful as they were at first blush is a concern. The Bears offense needs to go back to the drawing board, figure out what it does well, and pound those concepts until the cows come home.
  • Four large Bears in a car:

  • That was fun! These guys still have jokes!
  • It would be neat to see David Montgomery make the cut on one of these lists:

  • But for that to happen, he’ll need to be given the ball more than twice.
  • Coach is out here giving out this week’s game plan:

  • You could set the line at 7.5 attempts by running backs and I would still be tempted to take the UNDER. Until Matt Nagy proves otherwise, I have my doubts that his playbook even has run plays.
  • Alright, so you’re saying there is nowhere to go but up:

  • For the record, there were two analysts on the panel who *DID NOT* have Trubisky ranked as the NFL’s worst quarterback. But this line says everything you need to know about how the offense is operating under Trubisky: “Trubisky, and the Bears’ offense as a whole, is irritatingly obscene right now. Like ketchup on a hotdog. Or LeBron vs. MJ debates. Or St. Louis Cardinals fans.” ZING! You can check it out here.
  • When you put it this way … yikes:

  •’s fantasy football insiders suggest sitting Allen Robinson this week. Because if you want to win, I guess the best idea is to sit a high-volume, high-production receiver against a wounded defense?
  • Ah, well, nevertheless:

  • The Bulls are back, baby!

Author: Luis Medina

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