Bears Receivers Are Reportedly "Unhappy" (But Still Supportive) of Mitch Trubisky

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Bears Receivers Are Reportedly “Unhappy” (But Still Supportive) of Mitch Trubisky

Chicago Bears

It its easy to think about Mitch Trubisky’s regression through the lens of what is happening at the quarterback position, but there is so much more beyond the surface.

For example, has anyone thought about the team’s pass-catchers?

Well, if you have, then The Athletic’s Adam Jahns has something for you:

Despite not singling out any wide receivers by name, you could probably guess which ones are frustrated with Trubisky to this point of the season. And by that, I mean that every receiver in the offense could viably be unhappy with their quarterback. Because it makes perfect sense when your job is to get open and catch footballs, but you’re unable to catch footballs because your quarterback’s numbers – and, seemingly, ability – have regressed across the board.

Also, there has never been a more accurate depiction of the Bears’ quarterbacking situation than what was put together in Jahns’ tweet.

Bears players like Trubisky’s intangibles and want him to succeed. Sure. It’s the same boat Bears fans find themselves with Trubisky on a weekly basis. Once fans set aside their feelings about trading up to get Trubisky, Bears fans lace ’em up every weekend and root for their guy to win a ballgame for their favorite team. After seeing what talented quarterbacks sans intangibles have done in Chicago before, there is a segment of Bears fans who embrace Trubisky for the same reasons players do. Because it is apparent that his personality and intangibles are enough to drive his teammates to go to battle for him (despite his many shortcomings). And frankly, it says a lot about a guy when his teammates want to go to bat for him, even when he is at his lowest point.

But in the end, we’re talking about a make-or-miss league. And we’re also talking about humans with feelings and emotions. It is only natural for receivers to be unhappy with Trubisky. They aren’t the only ones. And if things keep spiraling for Trubisky, the frustrations will only continue to grow.

The Trade Deadline arrives shortly, and then it’s a half season of commitment to playing out the string.

Author: Luis Medina

Luis Medina is a Writer at Bleacher Nation, and you can find him on Twitter at@lcm1986.