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Papa Bear Halas Was Snubbed! And Other Bears Bullets

Chicago Bears

I am “I used ‘fall back’ to get an extra hour of sleep last night” years old.

  • I have had nothing but love for the NFL Network’s roll-out of lists that help define the league’s history. With that being said, they totally flubbed this:

  • Without George Halas, there is no NFL. Which means there are no game-changers if there is no game. So, why isn’t Halas the No. 1 game-changer in league history? A top-5 placement for Halas was a given, if you think about all that he has contributed to the game. But checking in at No. 5 feels light. So with all due respect to Bill Walsh (No. 4), Al Davis (No. 3), former NFL Commissioner Pete Rozelle (No. 2), and Paul Brown (No. 1), whoever came up with these rankings needs to tear them up and try again.
  • A battle for nature will soon take place at Lincoln Financial Field:

  • Lost in the shuffle of the many revenge angles in Sunday’s Bears-Eagles game was the Trey Burton factor. Burton was drafted and developed by Philadelphia before signing a hefty deal to sign with Chicago as a free agent. The first half of Burton’s first season with the Bears was pretty darn solid, but his production leveled off, and his absence in the team’s playoff loss due to a late-week groin issue has been a point of contention among many Bears fans. Of all the people who need a big game on Sunday, Burton is at the top of the list. And what better place than to do it in the stadium you called home for four years.
  • I will be curious to see how Bears Head Coach Matt Nagy utilizes Burton. Based on re-watching last year’s playoff game, I can’t help but feel as if that should have been a game Burton was featured as a primary target. Because Philly’s secondary was a weakness on the outside, the middle was going to be open for Burton to chew up at a steady pace. And while Ben Braunecker and Adam Shaheen are capable football players, neither has Burton’s floor or ceiling, not to mention the full grasp of where the tight end is supposed to be in this offense.
  • Mitch Trubisky needs to be able to hit open receivers with some level of consistency on Sunday against the Eagles secondary. Not just because that group still has holes it needs to patch up, but also because Philadelphia’s run defense is stout. Cowboys star Ezekiel Elliott is the only 100-yard rusher the Eagles have allowed this year. That unit limited Kerryon Johnson to 36 rushing yards, Aaron Jones to 21 yards, and Dalvin Cook to 41 yards. Those are good backs who are at the top of the positional food chain. David Montgomery will have his work cut out for him.
  • DeAngelo Hall is keeping the faith. The ex-NFL cornerback now serves as an analyst for the league’s website and believes a big day is coming. Hall predicts Montgomery will put together a second consecutive 100-yard rushing game. Now that he has a taste of success, I bet Montgomery wants more.
  • Bilal Nichols is an east-coast cat who is going back to the area this weekend:

  • These player profiles are something else. Every one I have watched opens up windows to perspectives of players I have never seen or heard. Good work by the production crew, but also a special kudos to Nichols for opening up on his past. That is never easy to do.
  • An important fashion update from Philly:

  • And on the other side of the field, the Bears will be sporting these sparkling whites:

  • Maybe I’m in the minority, but I think the Bears should bring back the white-on-white look, even if it is for just one week. Those outfits look sharp, and it is nice to change things up once in a while.
  • Whole squad ready:

Author: Luis Medina

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