Cat Steals the Show on MNF, Trubisky Goes Full Cutler, Tale of Two Lines, and Other Bears Bullets

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Cat Steals the Show on MNF, Trubisky Goes Full Cutler, Tale of Two Lines, and Other Bears Bullets

Chicago Bears

I’m starting to pull together all the necessary ingredients for my chocolate chip pecan bourbon pie recipe for baking later this fall/winter. It’s just that I don’t have anyone to share it with and I don’t think it’s healthy for me to eat am entire pie by myself. Or maybe I should be selfish for once?

  • You’re going to want the sound on for this one:

  • With all due respect to Lamar Jackson’s performance against the Patriots on Sunday Night Football, Kevin Harlan calling a cat’s escapades on an NFL playing field *DURING* a game is the best thing to happen in Week 10 of the NFL season.
  • Anything to distract from the Bears’ quarterbacking situation:

  • Mitch Trubisky’s 5.47 adjusted yards per attempt is awful on so many levels. For starters, Robert Mays of The Ringer notes it’s tied for the 29th-worst for quarterbacks of the last decade. The guy he’s tied with? Jay Cutler, whose 2009 season was an all-time disappointment that matches the vibes Bears fans are feeling with the 2019 team. I don’t like that sense of irony at all.
  • Cutler rebounded in the three years that followed. The Bears went 27-13 in games Cutler started and that AY/A number jumped to 6.8. That wasn’t tremendously awful. Cutler was pretty decent in those years, averaging 3,450 yards, 22 touchdowns (against 15 interceptions) per 16 games. The Bears really didn’t maximize Cutler’s prime years, did they? Between the rotating collection of offensive coordinators and a supporting cast of pass-catchers that fell below league standards, Chicago’s front office didn’t set up Cutler to succeed. Sure, Cutler had plenty of issues of his own. But the support staff matters.
  • No, I don’t lose sleep while thinking what it would be like if a cerebral quarterbacking mind like Cutler’s was given this offensive supporting cast. *YAWN* Why do you ask?
  • Execution? I’m all for it:

  • Ah, yes, what the other side of execution looks like at the point of attack:

  • We wrote about the Eagles providing a blueprint for what the Bears should try to be back in 2017. And on Sunday, the Eagles really drove home why I felt that way. Philadelphia’s offense provides a baseline for what Chicago should be able to do. The Bears *SHOULD* be able to run the ball competently with David Montgomery, who is capable enough to average around 4.5 yards per carry, use Tarik Cohen as a gadget player out of the backfield and in space, then use a third back to mix-and-match. Unfortunately, Matt Nagy is 25 games into his Bears coaching career and still hasn’t found a feel for calling the ground game. That is problematic when one of your best weapons is a running back.
  • So many of images featuring Trubisky throwing the ball look like this:

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Mitch Trubisky throws the ball in the second quarter against the Eagles during a 22-14 loss at Lincoln Financial Field in Philadelphia on Sunday, Nov. 3, 2019. ⠀ ⠀ The Bears quarterback was 10-for-21 for 125 yards with no touchdowns or turnovers with the highlight being a 53-yard completion to Taylor Gabriel. Trubisky picked up 15 rushing yards on two carries. The Eagles got to Trubisky a number of times, sacking him three times for a loss of 23 yards. ⠀ ⠀ “It’s losing,” Trubisky said after the game. “It’s not playing up to what we know we’re capable of. It’s making simple mistakes. It’s getting out-executed, getting outplayed — when we know we’re capable of much more. And when we know we have more inside of us. When we know we’re talented, but we’re still coming up short. That’s why you have this crappy feeling. Losing sucks.” ⠀ ⠀ For more photos and Bears coverage, click the link in our bio. (John J. Kim photo / @chicagotribune) #chicagobears #bears #dabears #beardown #mitchtrubisky #mitchelltrubisky

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  • Feet on the move. Body going in one direction. Arm going in another. I’m not a quarterbacking mechanics expert, but this just feels so off. Now, to be fair, I tip my cap to Trubisky for having the athletic ability to put some mustard on a ball when he’s on the move and off script like this, but I’d like to see him plant his back foot in the ground more often and drive the ball through his pass-catcher.
  • Palate cleanser – watch Javon Wins play catch with some kids:

  • It would be nice to get No. 29 going again:

  • Bradley Sowell has had more comeback tours than KISS:

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