Raiders Rebuild Rolls On, Alternative Viewing at Halas Hall, Luckman's Bobble, and Other Bears Bullets

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Raiders Rebuild Rolls On, Alternative Viewing at Halas Hall, Luckman’s Bobble, and Other Bears Bullets

Chicago Bears

This weekend begins a stretch in which yours truly is all sorts of busy. I’m off to St. Louis for Friendsgiving tomorrow, and then I have a Bulls game in my near future, a trip to Los Angeles for Bears-Rams (which I’ll note here didn’t get flexed out of primetime despite the Bears’ subpar record), some visits from friends and family, and, of course, Thanksgiving.

And that’s just through the rest of *THIS* month. A good kind of busy isn’t bad.

  • Preseason projections were forecasting the Bears would have a top-10 pick in the second round of the 2020 NFL Draft. But sometimes the crystal ball can be hazy in August. Perhaps that’s why it wasn’t foreseen that it would be the Bears’ own pick as the one that lands among the top-10. Nothing has gone right for Chicago since its 3-1 start, with the developments out west providing the latest jabs.
  • Behind the strength of Josh Jacobs and the running game, a rejuvenated Derek Carr, and the evil genius Jon Gruden, the Raiders’ rebuild is rolling. Oakland is 5-4 now and in the thick of the playoff hunt in the AFC. Beating the Chargers in the last primetime game at the Oakland Coliseum left me impressed, but also annoyed that the Bears had both of these teams on the ropes and virtually defeated before letting them off the hook. I guess that’s why you have to play the entire 60 minutes.
  • Thanks for nothing, Philip:

  • Imagine how you would feel had the Bears won those games and were entering Week 10 with a 5-3 record against a 3-4-1 Lions team. The topics of discussion would include the resilience of a team without a leader like Akiem Hicks on the defense, crediting the offense for doing just enough to pull through in clutch moments, while categorizing the offensive funk as a sophomore slump rather than a full-on regression. These would be the never-say-die cardiac Bears! Instead, we are dealing with the harsh reality of a cold winter without January football.
  • I hate losing, but I also hate sugar-coating reality. So part of me thinks there are lessons to be learned from the Bears being 3-5 and *NOT* being 5-3. I’d rather the Bears be 5-3, but for better or worse, losing allows for the most honest assessments.
  • We’ve gone five Bullets without mentioning Mitch Trubisky’s press conference flub in which he half-joked (?) about wanting to turn off the televisions at Halas Hall to tune out negative noise. Trubisky might have had his tongue firmly planted in his cheek when saying what he said, but that it wasn’t shared in a way that clearly comes through speaks to issues as a communicator (which I feel as if are far more troubling than anything else).
  • The cam-girl industry wants to lend Trubisky and the gents at Halas Hall a helping hand:

  • Maybe the Bears need to get away from football for a minute. Perhaps Matt Nagy needs to pull a Joe Maddon and have an American Legion Week where guys are locked out of the building until a certain time. Then again, this team looks like it needs as much work as it can get.
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  • Can a bobblehead quarterback? I’m asking for a friend:

  • I’m not lion when I say I can’t bear this weather:

  • The artwork shared this year by the Bears has been a highlight of the season:

  • Gotta keep Matthew Stafford and the Lions’ aerial assault grounded by any means necessary:

  • Eddie Jackson is going to get a workout this weekend, so take some time and check out Tom Thayer’s break-down of the All-Pro safety’s most recent performance:

  • Oh?

  • This isn’t Bears related, but still could be fun:

Author: Luis Medina

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