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That Wacky Matt Nagy is Sticking With His Visor … And Other Bears Bullets

Chicago Bears

Giannis Antetokounmpo’s line (38 points, 16 rebounds, 4 assists, 3 steals, 1 block) in last night’s Bucks win against the Bulls was the stuff you used to do as a kid with your juiced-up create-a-player on rookie mode.

What the heck did I just witness?

Michael had our post-game BN Bulls write-up, though I expect Eli will have some thoughts throughout the day. As for me, I’m still in awe — if only because it keeps me distracted from realizing that Eric Bledsoe dropped 31 on the Bulls last night. Yikes.

  • Brett wrote a thing in the wake of the ugliness at the end of last night’s Steelers-Browns game.
  • You’re not the only one who felt this way, Eddie:

  • I knew there was a reason this rang a bell:

  • Here is what our write-up had back in August: “And while I get that brothers fight, this is far over the top. Long ripping off Dalton’s helmet, then using it to fight him, and ultimately throwing it down the field is a bad look. That is not what you want to see from anyone, let alone one your team leaders. Nagy clearly did not like what he saw from the longest-tenured player on the Bears offense, disciplining Long by removing him from the scrimmage. Even still … Long must remember those actions would come with major repercussions if it happened in a game of consequence. So with that in mind, the hope is that is the last we will see of that nonsense ever again.”
  • So now that we have seen it in a game, I’m curious to see what the punishment will be. At minimum, it needs to be strong enough to discourage a player from hitting an opponent in the head with a helmet again.
  • Moving on to Bears things …
  • Matt Nagy is sticking with what has been with him throughout his ride as the Bears’ head coach …

  • … his visor. Nagy says he is sticking with it no matter the weather. That will be an easy decision to make when it is in the mid-80s on Sunday evening in California. Good luck with that in December at Lambeau Field. Coming from a fellow bald guy, trust me when I say it would be wise to protect your dome.
  • Danny Trevathan is a real one:

  • That elbow injury looked UGLY, but leave it to Trevathan to be like “I’ll be alright. It’s a piece of cake” in an exchange with a teammate.
  • Friends of mine who are Packers-backers (hey, they exist!) asked how I was feeling about the Ha-Ha Clinton-Dix signing, and I gave them an honest assessment of the situation. Clinton-Dix has been a fine addition to the secondary, and at a value bargain from a contractual perspective. He hasn’t been a game-changer on the back end, but has been steady and reliable. Without diving too deep into that conversation, I feel as if it’s fair to come to the conclusion that Clinton-Dix will have a lengthy NFL career.
  • But also, I can’t help but love his community work:

  • Keep up the good work, #21!
  • It looks like the Bears might be short-handed at tight end this weekend, so Kaseem Sinceno might need to keep these moves fresh:

  • CONFIRMED: Todd Gurley isn’t in to pass-block:

  • You can send your favorite Bears to the Pro Bowl:

  • It is admittedly difficult to get hyped about the Pro Bowl voting right now, but a handful of Bears (looking at you Khalil Mack and Allen Robinson) whose play has been good enough to merit consideration. Reward your favorite players with a trip somewhere warm where they can play along side other great players.
  • A couple of guys who didn’t turn out to be good head coaches, but were otherwise respected quarterback tutors will be working with Colin Kaepernick this weekend:

  • The Bears were not one of the teams to confirm they would be in attendance for Kaepernick’s showcase on Saturday in Atlanta. But 11 teams (including the defending Super Bowl champion Patriots) have confirmed with the league they will be there.
  • Hmmm …

  • I’m almost as curious about who Kaepernick will get to throw to on Saturday. Is this a place where some high-end free agent receivers can showcase their skills? Maybe some fringe guys looking to get eyes on them one last time? Had this been put together with the big picture in mind, we would have answers already.
  • Oh, and you better believe I’m here for the Simpsons stuff:

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