Mic'd Up: Mitch Trubisky's Glorious Thanksgiving Carving of the Lions (VIDEO)

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Mic’d Up: Mitch Trubisky’s Glorious Thanksgiving Carving of the Lions (VIDEO)

Chicago Bears

Matt Nagy said it best in his postgame press conference when talking about the stars that shined on Thanksgiving: “Today was Mitch’s day,” Nagy said, via the Bears’ official site. “It was his day. He did a lot of things today in regard to making special throws at special times.”

No argument here, coach.

Now, check out the sights and sounds of Trubisky “bringing the juice” against the Lions:

There was so much love in that video above. And in a season that has had so many dark moments, I can appreciate a silver lining like what was shown (and overheard).

The numbers show Trubisky earned the extra slice of pie and the oversized turkey leg for this performance:


This passing chart had it all:

Deep passes. Throws to the left. And to the right. Accuracy over the middle and on intermediate routes. It is what you want to see more often from the guy who was selected as the first quarterback of his draft class.

And as the folks at Next Gen Stats point out, Trubisky was at his best when the Bears were lined up in 10 personnel. In this particular package, the Bears lined up with 1 running back, 0 tight ends, and 4 wide receivers. I reckon we will see this a lot down the stretch with Trey Burton on the shelf. So even though we know the importance of what a tight end brings to this offense, it is good to know it is still functional and operational with certain packages.

Which was your favorite Trubisky throw to Anthony Miller?

Was it this one on third down from deep his own territory …

… or this one, which I contend was one of the best throws Trubisky has made in his career:

The latter comes with a nifty graphics package, so let’s highlight that:

Nearly 45 yards of “Air Distance” on the throw and through a “Tight Window” to make magic happen? Gimme more, please!

The floater to the other Ivy League guy on the roster was pretty neat, too:


Move over, Ford family. Mitchell David Trubisky is the rightful owner of your franchise now:

Punch those numbers into a passer rating calculator, and this is what you get:

  • 68/91
  • 74.7 completion percentage
  • 866 yards
  • 9.5 yards/attempt
  • 9-1 TD-INT ratio
  • 9.8 TD%
  • 1.1 INT%
  • 132.4 paser rating

Can the Bears and Lions hook up more often?

Matt Nagy looking like a proud papa gives me all the feels:

Not bad for a guy whose brains were probably scrambled after this hit, that didn’t draw a flag because reasons:

Let’s be clear with our assessment of Trubisky’s play on Thursday. It was good. For a quarterback who has looked broken in so many moments to put on that show against the Lions was good to see. The timing of it was great. Because for all the stuff the Bears coaching staff has said about the incremental improvements he was making despite the fact that it wasn’t showing up in the box score, it was nice to finally see it on the stat sheet and on tape. Accurate throws with conviction, zip, and velocity. You love to see it! Now, let’s see it again next week. And the week after that. And again the week after that …

Author: Luis Medina

Luis Medina is a Writer at Bleacher Nation, and you can find him on Twitter at@lcm1986.